Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

In support of the academic mission of the university, the Department of Residence Life is excited to offer the option for students to live in Living Learning Communities as well as Interest Communities.  Associated with this mission, students will pay up to $100 additional fee to support programming and event opportunities associated with their choice of community, except the Cooper Agriculture LLC.  Each LLC has a separate registration process. Please go to the website or programmatic department for the LLC of your choice to register and submit the $100 programmatic fee*.

The benefits of living within a Living Learning Community (LLC):

  • Enhanced academic and social opportunities
  • Improved grade point average
  • Greater involvement in learning
  • Increased satisfaction with your UW-Platteville experience
  • Friendships with classmates who may be in the same classes and programs
  • Stronger academic relationships and better connections with faculty members

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

The WiSTEM (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) LLC is a stimulating living environment, where you and other women interested in the STEM fields, within the College of EMS, build strong personal and academic connections with each other and with UW-Platteville faculty and professionals.  The WiSTEM LLC is focused on providing you with a nurturing environment, a support network for academics and everyday life, and an exciting college experience.  Our Living-Learning Community will help in your transition to college life and provide an opportunity for you to develop meaningful friendships with other women in STEM who have similar academic goals. WiSTEM 1 & 2 are located in Dobson Hall.  For information on the WiSTEM communities, please email

Please go to the WiSTEM LLC website for registration information.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Living Learning Community enhances intellectual and personal development for first-year criminal justice students interested in career areas such as Law Enforcement, Forensic Investigation, Probation and Parole, Corrections, Private Security, Loss Prevention, and Juvenile Justice.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in training and seminars facilitated by criminal justice professionals, attend career exploration field trips, participate in civic engagement projects, critically reflect upon the criminal justice field via guided discussions, and network with criminal justice professionals, faculty, and staff outside the classroom.  Activities will include assisting with the Horrific Crime Revisited event at the Crime Scene House, working with employers via Career Day, and a correctional facility tour. 

In Fall of 2015, the CJ LLC worked to help improve state parks of the Southwest Wisconsin Area.  Read all about it here.

The CJ LLC is located in Dobson Hall.  Contact Dr. Amy Nemmetz at 608.342.6131 for more information on the Criminal Justice LLC.

Global LLC


The Global Living Learning Community seeks to boost the development of a supportive community of students, faculty, and staff. The Global LLC is designed to assist students in creating friendships as they transition into their first or second year of college while they explore different cultures. The Global LLC is dedicated to promoting and engaging in opportunities that nurture greater global understanding as well as enhance students’ intellectual, personal, and intercultural development.  Global Exploration LLC is located in Dobson Hall.  Please contact Alyssa Shaff in Education Abroad at 608.342.1726.

Cooper Agriculture

The Cooper Agriculture Living Learning Community is for sophomore and above students who are majoring or minoring with the School of Agriculture and is housed at the Cooper Living & Learning Center.  Students choosing to select Cooper Living and Learning Center as a housing option are contracting with the Department of Residence Life for the academic year. This LLC specializes in programming to prepare you for life beyond college in your agricultural career.  Activities may include employer visits, faculty visits, resume and interviewing workshops, etc.  If you are not selected to participate by the School of Agriculture, via the interview process, and you complete this housing contract, you will be required to reside in another on-campus residence hall space. Information about the LLC application process will be provided to you soon by the School of Agriculture.  You can see a virtual tour of Cooper Living & Learning Center by clicking here.  The Cooper Agriculture Living Learning Community is located at the Pioneer Farm at the Cooper Living & Learning Center.  Contact Mindy Freiburger at

*The programmatic fee is waived for this LLC.

Explore Engineering, Mathematics and Science LLC

Explore Engineering, Mathematics and Science  LLC is a brand new supportive living environment for new freshman students who have chosen an undecided major in the College of EMS or are unsure about their major choice. Even if you have chosen a specific major, but are interested in affirming or exploring other majors (in EMS), we welcome your participation. While in the LLC, students will build strong personal and academic connections with each other and College of EMS faculty and professionals.

This LLC is focused on providing you with guidance by learning about career paths that exist in the College of EMS. You will develop a support network for academics and everyday life with College of EMS professors and advisors. Our Living Learning Community will help you with your transition to college and provide an opportunity for you to develop meaningful friendships with others who have similar academic goals. The Explore Engineering, Mathematics and Science LLC is located in Dobson Hall.  For information on the please email


Environmental Sustainability

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Sustainability Living and Learning Community (LLC) helps students to explore what it means to live sustainably by minimizing our use of the Earth's natural resources. From personal daily decisions to career choices, join this LLC to learn more about the positive impacts that you have on the world around you.  Sustainability LLC is located in Dobson Hall.  You can contact Amy Seebooth-Wilson at 608.342.7244 for further Sustainability LLC information.


The Leadership Living Learning Community exposes first-year students to theoretically based concepts of leadership, including a relational leadership model centered on social justice challenges first-year students to be increasingly global-oriented; stretches students in their development of self and others; and supports the university’s core purposes of interpersonal development and civic engagement and lifelong learning. We strive to promote a vibrant community of civically conscious individuals focused on developing exemplary leadership skills through academic, service, social, and community-based experiences. This program is ideal for students who have a passion for community outreach and public service. We use an array of service experiences to help students develop a strong understanding of social justice and to foster principles associated with leadership. Leadership LLC is located in Rountree Commons.  Further information on Leadership LLC is available by contacting Valerie Wetzel at 608.342.1448.


Residence Life Interest Communities (RLICs) are available to students who share a common interest.  Interest communities are residential-based living-learning or themed programs designed to enhance the overall undergraduate student experience by fostering one-on-one relationships between faculty, staff and students in a close-knit residence hall environment. Students are encouraged to explore intellectual, cultural, and social interests through experiential activities often linked to the academic curriculum. Unlike our LLC communities, RLICs do not have any Programmatic fees associated with them. RLICs are available to an entire building community at no additional fee.

Many studies have shown that students living within interest communities often achieve higher grade point averages and are more likely to persist until graduation than those students not living in them. In our RLICs, residents have a more effortless way of finding academic resources and social networks because these services will be readily promoted to them.

The Pickard First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Interest Community of Pickard Hall, is designed to assist the freshmen transition from high school to college both academically and socially.  The First Year Experience Interest Community provides students with social opportunities throughout the year with special emphasis on meeting people in the first few weeks of the semester to help form a tight-knit community. Students will also be given tips, resources, and programmatic opportunities aimed at helping them to reach their academic goals.

Eligibility: Open to all first-year students. Enrollment is closed once the building is filled.

Sophomore Healthy Living of Bridgeway

The Sophomore Healthy Living Interest Community of Bridgeway Commons, is a community designed for any student who would like to develop and practice healthy habits within the residence halls in support of their overall personal wellness. No specific academic component is required to live in this themed community.  As members of the Healthy Living Interest Community, participants will be able to identify and create their own tailored wellness goals, attend special community programs, and engage in the development of the community's environment.

Eligibility: Open to all students interested in exploring wellness and health.  Enrollment is closed once the building is filled.

The K-12 House of Hugunin

Do you have a desire to teach, lead, and help students in the future? Has it been your dream to have your own classroom and shape the minds of the future? The K12 House interest community of Hugunin Hall is for students interested in teaching pre-k through high school. We will bring in guest speakers to talk about issues in education, watch films about education, and have floor dinners with faculty members in the school of education.

Eligibility: Open to all students interested in exploring educational pursuits at all levels.  Enrollment is closed once the building is filled.

Creative Expressions of Brockert

Do you have a creative side? Find your new home in this expressive community! Staff and residents explore all forms of fine arts—textiles, stamping, knitting, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, pottery, etc. Programming also encourages exploration within the realms of music and language arts. A special focus will be placed on sustainable art including repurposing and refurbishing found objects, clothing, and jewelry. The Creative Expressions interest community of Brockert Hall is a community for artists or anyone who wishes to express creative ideas.  The community is for students passionate about one or more dimensions of the arts (music, theater, art, design & dance) and engaging with them in a community setting.

Eligibility: Open to all students interested in exploring performing and visual arts.  Enrollment is closed once the building is filled.

Women's Wellness of Wilgus

The Women’s Wellness IC takes a holistic approach to the development of women on campus as they grow as individuals and leaders. Women in this community will explore areas that impact their overall wellness. Such areas include: physical and mental health, financial literacy, and intellectual growth. Participants will be able to develop in a fun and safe environment, supported by other strong women. This IC is open to all women who are interested in personal and professional growth. Over the course of the year, the staff of Wilgus Hall will be providing students with numerous opportunities for social activities where residents will be able to meet and connect with others within the building.  The RA’s of Wilgus Hall will be partnering with such departments like the Doyle Center, Health Services, and the Issues Education Coordinator to create both fun and educational programs unique to the hall.


Masculinity and Civility Exploration of Melcher

The Masculinity and Civility Exploration Interest Community (MCEIC) is a community designed for any male student who would like to positively influence change on campus.  This includes learning how to participate in bystander intervention, becoming a male role model, and exploring leadership opportunities to impact campus culture.  One of the primary goals of this student group is to promote respectful and kind behaviors toward others.


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