Friday Nov. 8th

Avengers Movie night at Southwest Hall's MPR (8:30-10:30 PM)                                                                                                            Every Friday night on campus we have what is called the Friday Night Club.  Each residence hall hosts the club two or more times a year.  The residents assistants of the hall collectively plan and host activities for students to participate in.  Friday Night Club is another possibility for people to participate in.

Saturday Nov. 9th


Saturday Night

If you choose to stick around for Saturday night there are many ways to have fun in Platteville.  Many people that drive past Platteville ask about the huge white “M” on the side of the hill.  Doesn’t Platteville start with a “P” not an “M”?  The “M” is from UW-Platteville’s old Mining engineering school.  Today we are proud to say that our “M” is the largest “M” in the world!  To go along with our mining history here at Platteville, we also have a wonderful mining museum downtown.  There are also many beautiful parks just a short distance from campus.

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