Bicycle Regulation & Info

Bicycle Storage

Bike racks are also located outside most academic buildings on campus. For students living on campus in the residence halls, bike racks are available outside each hall for bike parking. Bikes should never be left in racks without being securely chained with a bike lock.

In addition, covered bike lockers are available for bike storage in several locations near the residence halls. The cost is $30 for a semester or $50 for a year. Interested students can contact the Department of Residence Life office located in Royce Hall for further details. Bicycles should never be secured to poles, trees, railings, or locations other than designated bike racks, as they will be subject to confiscation by Auxiliary Services.

Bikes cannot be temporarily or permanently stored in the residence halls. The one exception to this policy is that students are allowed, during the winter months, to bring their bicycles into their room to store until the spring. Once the bicycle is taken back outside it must remain outside for the remainder of the year.


  • Bicycles shall not be parked within 25 feet of any university building entrance except in approved bicycle racks or lockers.
  • Bicycles shall not be parked within university buildings except in areas specifically designed for this purpose, and specifically authorized by University Police. {Admin Code 81.06(8), Bicycles}
  • Bicycles must be removed from bicycle racks and/or lockers at the end of each Spring Semester.
  • Bicyclists riding on a public street or walk shall ride in a straight line and give pedestrians the right of way at street crossings.
  • Bicyclists on campus property shall exercise extraordinary care and yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.
  • In the City of Platteville no person shall ride a bicycle upon any public walk in the area bounded by Water Street, Furnace Street, Chestnut Street and Pine Street, including sidewalks bordering those streets.
  • Bicycles that are ridden on public streets within the City of Platteville are required to be licensed with the City of Platteville or another jurisdiction. The University Police registers bicycles at no cost, and provides a non-expiring bicycle registration tag for students residing on campus.

Skateboards/Roller blades/Similar Wheeled Devices

  • No person may use a skateboard, roller skates, roller blades, in-line skates, or any similar wheeled devices, a tobaggon, or a sled anywhere on university lands, except as designed by the chief administrative officer. UWS 18.10(8)
  • Skateboards/Roller blades and similar equipment may not be used by office or classroom areas where usage would create a disturbance.
  • No person shall ride upon or use any skateboard, roller skate or in-line skates on any sidewalk adjacent to any street that is within an area bordered by Pine Street, Water Street, Furnace Street, or Chestnut Street within the City of Platteville.
  • No person shall ride upon or use any skateboard, roller skate or in-line skate on any street within the City of Platteville except while crossing a roadway at a crosswalk.