Bed Loft Return

loft Return Information:

COLLEGIATE MARKETING LOFTS(METAL LOFTS): The loft return date for the end of the academic year is May 11th from 9 am- 4 pm. All Collegiate Marketing lofts are to be taken to the Morrow Hall parking lot. Questions can be directed to Please contact your Resident Assistant for additional information.

RESIDENCE LIFE RENTAL LOFTS: Students who rented lofts in Bridgeway, Cooper, Dobson, McGregor, Melcher, Porter, Rountree, Southwest, and Wilgus Halls will need to see residence hall staff for information and instructions on how and when to return their loft rental. 

A few things to note:

  • Failure to return the rental loft at designated or arranged times will result in a $50 improper loft return charge.
  • Failure to return the rental loft will result in a $300 loft purchase charge
  • If you stored your head/footboards for the academic year, remember to return them to your room. 

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