If you haven’t done so already, please review the FERPA information before taking the quiz.  Upon completion of the quiz, you will be shown the correct answers.  Quizzes completed during January will not receive an email confirming completion until February 1st.

Q3: Your department head asks for a list of names and addresses for students who are enrolled in a specific course in the department. The addresses will be used to mail a survey about the quality of the course. Results of the survey will be used to improve the course.

Q10: A parent calls wanting a copy of her son's grades for the previous semester. Her car insurance company needs his GPA to approve/reject a good student discount. The son is at work and is not available to go to the University to get the requested paperwork. The parent would like to expedite the situation by going to the University to get a copy of her son's grade report to fax to the insurance company.

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