Course Repeat Policy

Any student at UW-Platteville may repeat any given course a single time, with the grade from the second attempt replacing the grade from the first attempt in the calculation of the student’s overall grade point average. However, in the event that a student takes a particular course for a third time (or in any additional instances of enrollment beyond the third attempt), the grade earned will not replace the previous grade, but rather all attempts in a course subsequent to the first enrollment will be permanently maintained in the calculation of a student’s overall G.P.A.

Moreover, after repeating a course once, students who wish to enroll in that same course on a third (or additional) occasion will not be permitted to register for that course again until they have secured consent to do so from the dean (or the dean’s designee) of the college in which the course is offered in consultation with the student’s advisor.

For the purposes of this policy, an instance in which a student withdraws from a course at a point during the semester in which a W appears on the transcript (in the case of a 16-week course during the fall and spring semesters, the deadline to withdraw without a W appearing on the transcript is normally the tenth day of the semester) will be counted as an attempt in the course.