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Can I keep using my UW-Platteville Email and Microsoft Office Software?

You will have access to your UW-Platteville account for 10 months following graduation. During that time you will retain access to your email, OneDrive, and your USER (J) drive.  You will receive an automated reminder 30 days prior to the account being disabled. Your free Microsoft Office licenses are yours to use until your campus account is disabled.  For full details on account provisioning, purchasing software, and tips for preparing for this transition, go to the ITS Knowledge Base.

How do I get my college transcripts?

To order your official undergraduate and graduate transcripts, contact the Registrar's Office, located in Brigham Hall, UW-Platteville campus. 


When do I have to file taxes and how do I fill out a W-4?

State and federal taxes are due by April 15.  All tax related documents should be postmarked by January 31.  Please visit the Internal Revenue Service for more information.

What can I expect at a job interview?

Job interviews can take many formats.  Make sure you're presenting your best foot forward by following these interview tips.

How do I find my routing number for direct deposit?

Many employers have gone green and will send your paycheck via online deposit.  In order to get paid, you will need a routing number to your checking or savings account.  You can access this Direct Deposit Info Sheet for this information.

How do I find a job that relates to my major?

The Career and Professional Development Office offers the Pioneer Career Network website for online job searching for students and recent graduates.

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How long do I have to pay for student loans?

There are a number of avenues that student loans are financed.  Please contact your financial institution and speak with an advisor.  Some banks and credit unions may offer free financial advising for being a member of their institution.  The Financial Aid Office at UW-Platteville may be able to assist with some questions concerning your specific loans.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

How do I negotiate a salary for a new job?

Negotiating the specifics of a job can be intimidating at times, but always remember it's best to be prepared before starting this conversation.  Be prepared to respectfully discuss salary, benefits, vacation time, and more about each specific job while having facts to support your reasoning.  The Career and Professional Development Office offers "The Art of Negotiation: Evaluating Job Offers" handout to assist you.

How do I create and maintain a budget?

You may find that it is not how much you make, but how much you spend.  This budget template can assist you in achieving financial wellness, if you stick to it.

How do I write a resume?

A resume and cover letter are your paper handshake to future employers.  Make sure you are managing your work experience, academic career, and co-curricular activities in an effective and attractive way.  Check out these resume and cover letter tips from the Career and Professional Development Office.

How do I find my credit score and what is a good score? Why is a good credit score important?

Having a good or excellent credit score assists you in a number of ways: securing apartments, buying your first house or car, and much more.  Some financial institutions and landlords may check to see if you are employed prior to providing you a loan for these big ticket items.  The Good to Excellent range for credit is typically above 750 points.  Anything below 750 points and you will want to work to build or improve upon your credit score.  For more information, check with the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau.

What do I need to know about renting?

The Rental Resources Office on the UW-Platteville campus provides many resources for students.  Check into things such as: cost of security deposit, fine-print on leases, utilities, pets and more.

Disclaimer: This site is a resource and is meant to help students answer questions they may have before and after graduation. UW-Platteville is not responsible for advice given on this page. If you have questions about this page please contact Career and Professional Development Office.

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