Tristate Conference History

Tri-State Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference

History of the Tri-State Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference

  • 2014 Loras College, keynote speaker TBA. 
  • 2013 Coe College, keynote by Morton Gernsbacher, Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Diverse Brains.
  • 2012 UW-Platteville, keynote by Yuri Miyamoto, Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Understanding the Socio-Cultural Grounding of Cognition and Emotion.
  • 2011 Rockford College, keynote by Patricia A. Graczyk, Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago.
  • 2010 Loras College, keynote by Britain Scott, Ph.D., University of St. Thomas, Getting Psyched for Sustainability: The Why and How of Doing Green Psychology Research.
  • 2009 Augustana College, keynote by John J. Skowronski, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, There and Back Again: Journeys on the Road of Psychological Science.
  • 2008 UW‐Platteville, keynote by David Myers, Ph.D., Hope College, The Powers and Perils of Intuition.
  • 2007 Rockford College, keynote by Joseph R. Ferrari, Ph.D., DePaul University, Procrastination: A Way of Life.
  • 2006 Loras College, keynote by Colleen F. Moore, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin‐Madison, Why Pollution Matter’s for Children’s Psychological Development.
  • 2005 Coe College, keynote by Steven W. Anderson, Ph.D., University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Brain Basis of Psychopathology: Clues from Developmental Neuroscience.
  • 2004 UW‐Platteville, keynote by Gary Wells, Ph.D., Iowa State University, Eyewitness Identification: A Contribution of Psychological Science to Criminal Justice.
  • 2003 Rockford College, keynote by Gill Clary, Ph.D., The College of St. Catherine, The Psychology of Volunteering: The Theory and Practice of Community Service.
  • 2002 Loras College, keynote by Patricia Devine, Ph.D., UW‐Madison, Profiles in Prejudice.
  • 2001 Augustana College, keynote by Bill Gehring, Ph.D., University of Michigan, The Monitoring Functions of the Medial Frontal Cortex: A Rush to Judgment?
  • 2000 UW‐Platteville, keynote by John Westefeld, Ph.D., University of Iowa, College Student Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention.
  • 1999 Rockford College, keynote by Joel Milner, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, Child Physical Abuse Risk Factors: A Review of Offender Characteristics.
  • 1998 Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, keynote by Arthur Glenberg, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin‐Madison, The Beginnings of a Revolution: New Approaches to Meaning.
  • 1997 Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, keynote by Dr. Steven Anderson, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Human Brain Mapping – Advances in the Neuropsychology of Cognition and Emotion.
  • 1996 UW‐Platteville, keynote by Stephen Nowicki, Ph.D., Emory University, Theoretical and Practical Implications of an Inability to Process Nonverbal Information.
  • 1995 Rockford College, keynote by Jerre Levy, Ph.D., University of Chicago, The Two Brains of Adam and Eve.
  • 1994 Rockford College, keynote by Morton Gernsbacher, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin‐Madison, What Cognitive Psychology Can Tell Us About Language.
  • 1993 Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois, keynote by Christopher Coe, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin‐Madison, Psychoneuroimmunology: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come.
  • 1992 UW‐Platteville, keynote by Janet Shibley Hyde, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin‐Madison, Psychology and Gender Differences.
  • 1991 University of Wisconsin‐Platteville, keynote by Charles J. Meliska, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University‐Carbondale, Hormones, Arousal, and Mood in Male and Female Smokers.

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