Psychology Major


A minimum of 37 credits are required. Click here to download the Psychology Major checklist form. One hundred and twenty credits are needed to graduate (not including courses you previously passed that have been repeated), with 42 credits of upper level classes (3000 level or above) required.

1130    General Psychology
2230    Intro to Experimental   
3960    Behavioral Research I  
3970    Behavioral Research II 
4330    History and Systems    
✱1830  Elementary Statistics (Math)
✱3000  Technical Writing (English)  
✱Does NOT count toward 37 credits required for the major. 

Elective Category 1:  Applied Courses  select TWO from this section
2530    Psychology of Women    
2930    Human Behavior in the Social Environment    
3130    Child Psychology     
3230    Adolescent Psychology   
3990    Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
4030    Theories of Personality   
4830    Psychology and the Law  

Elective Category 2: Experimental-Content Courses  select TWO from this section
3000    Cognitive Psychology   
3030    Learning and Behavior   
3430    Physiological Psychology   
3530    Social Psychology    

Elective Category 3:  Clinical Courses  select TWO from this section
4430    Abnormal Psychology   
4840    Substance Abuse I: Theory and Assessment  
4850    Substance Abuse II: Intervention and Special Pop  
4930    Techniques of Counseling      

Plus at least four (4) elective credits: Select additional courses from Elective Categories aboveabove or from following courses.
2010    Careers in Couns and Human Services (1 cr) 
2030    Psychology of Personal Adjustment  
3630    Psychology of Human Sexuality   
3830    Psychology and Religion   
4020    Contemporary Issues in Psych (1-3 cr)  
4660    Cooperative Field Experience (1-8 cr)  
4730    Independent Study in Psychology (1-3 cr)  
4940    Adv Techn of Counseling and Psychotherapy             
4950    Social Work Practice w/Groups and Families 


  1. A grade of "C-" or better must be earned in all psychology courses that contribute to the 37 hour requirement for a psychology major.
  2. A grade of  “C-” or better is required in 1130 General Psychology in order to enroll in 2230 Introduction to Experimental Psychology. 
  3. A grade of  “C-” or better is required in 2230 Introduction to Experimental Psychology in order to enroll in 3960 Behavioral Research I and 3970 Behavioral Research II.
  4. Elementary Statistics (Math 1830) must be successfully completed (D or better) before taking Behavioral Research I (3960) and II (3970).  (Math 1830 DOES NOT count toward the 37 required credits, but may be applied to university general requirements in Math.)
  5. Departmental Writing Requirements: All psychology majors must successfully complete the following writing requirements:
    1. Completion of English Composition 1130 and 1230 with a minimum grade of “C-,” or verification of testing-out by the Department of Humanities (English).
    2. Completion of Technical Writing is required (English 3000).
    3. Satisfactory completion of papers in those courses in which papers are required, which
      are evaluated for ability to communicate in written form as well as knowledge of
      psychological concepts.
    4. Successful completion of six credits of writing intensive courses. Behavioral Research I and II are designated as writing intensive courses.
  6. Four credits of CFE may count toward the 37 required credits for the major; up to eight credits of CFE may count toward the 120 credits required for graduation.

PREREQUISITE NOTE:  General Psychology 1130 is a prerequisite for ALL psychology classes (other prerequisites exist for some courses).

Effective Fall 1999
Revised 6/01;12/07;3/09; 5/09; 5/10; 11/11; 10/12; 8/14

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