People may be the heart of an organization, but the effective flow and management of data is ultimately what keeps the organization healthy. This requires an astute blend of technical and leadership skills; it’s more than infrastructure and it’s certainly more than administration. The information systems management program embraces this balance to prepare you for senior leadership roles in a wide range of data-driven environments. The program is intentionally designed to address both the system and the human elements of safeguarding, extracting, and interpreting organizational data. You will also gain valuable experience in communicating results of data analysis to both internal and external stakeholders.

The costs of a data breach are staggering, and it seems that a new incident is in the news every day. With the cybersecurity emphasis, you will learn to create holistic procedures that prevent threats from the competition or from hackers, before it happens.

Business analytics
Data-driven insights are now the norm across every facet of the enterprise. Everybody wants data, from marketing and supply chain to human resources and everything in between. Develop the knowledge and skills you need to gather, analyze, and interpret data that propels the organization forward.