Children’s swimming lessons are offered on Saturday mornings during the fall, winter and early spring. Each session consists of five lessons. Children progress from the Infant/Parent session through Level VI. Classes hold small groups of 5-7 children based on their swimming capabilities.

  • Infant/Parent and Child/Parent: Lessons are 30 minutes and require a parent to accompany the infant or child in the pool.
  • Beginner through Level VI: Lessons are 45 minutes and are for independent swimmers.

If you are in doubt of your child’s swimming abilities, place them in the lower level. We will advance swimmers to higher levels based on how their skills progress. Levels are not limited to the skills listed; swimmers may learn skills at the next level when they demonstrate they are ready.

Parents can observe only the last session of classes for beginners and levels I through VI from the balcony.

Location and Cost

Classes take place on the UW-Platteville campus, at the Williams Fieldhouse.

Classes range in cost from $40-$45 based on level. See details in the catalog here.


Please complete the permission form and submit to or fax to 608.342.1454.

The following courses are currently available for registration: