Backed by an institution with more than 150 years of educational excellence, our faculty of experts can help you launch a successful business career with an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Our diverse curriculum explores all aspects of the modern business world. Whether in finance, sales, marketing, management, human resources, or supply chain, choose an area of emphasis that aligns with your professional goals. You'll build knowledge from business administration courses such as Business Management, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Marketing, and more.

Complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as two years from a regionally accredited university. The bachelor’s programs have also been continually recognized by U.S. News & World Report.

Not looking for a full degree? Certificates in Human Resource Management, Leadership and Human Performance, and Marketing are offered separately.

Tuition for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is $44,400.

Have you earned credit in another program, school or the U.S. military? The Center for Distance Learning will evaluate your transcripts for eligible transfer credits.

University, Community, and Technical College Transfer Credits

  • In most cases, college credits earned from two-year or four-year regionally accredited school will transfer, provided grades were a C or better and the credits are in areas currently taught at UW-Platteville.

  • An associate’s degree from a UW System institution or Illinois community college satisfies all UW-Platteville core curriculum requirements, as does a four-year bachelor’s degree from any regionally accredited college or university.

  • An associate's degree from select community and technical colleges will also fulfill the core curriculum requirements.

  • The number of credits transferable from a Wisconsin technical college is limited. In some cases, it is possible to transfer up to 30 credits in core curriculum courses. Please check the business and criminal justice courses that will transfer to UW-Platteville from Wisconsin technical colleges. More credits may be accepted if UW-Platteville has an approved business or criminal justice articulation agreement with the institution.

  • Find out if your credits might transfer to UW-Platteville. Utilize the Credit Transfer Wizard (TIS) for UW System and/or Wisconsin Technical Colleges courses. Credits from Wisconsin private schools and/or out-of-state colleges, are found on Transfer Evaluation Systems (TES). If the course you are looking for does not appear in TIS or TES, it may not have been previously reviewed. An official evaluation will be done once your application for admission is complete.

Military Experience

The UW-Platteville Registrar’s office evaluates all military education and training for degree-seeking students. If you are a veteran who has served in the regular armed forces for more than one year, you should submit a copy of your DD214 for review and evaluation. You should also request official transcripts and documentation if you have attended one or more military schools. Most formal courses offered by the regular Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and Department of Defense starting with 1972 have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE). Credit may be allowed for specific courses in appropriate curricula as recommended by ACE.

For additional information contact the School Veteran Official in the Registrar’s Office at 608.342.1321.

Training Programs

If the American Council on Education (ACE) has evaluated a corporate or professional training program in which you participated, you may receive transfer credit. Only the ACE recommendations that are related directly to the business administration major will be considered for transfer. Normally, because training programs are so specific to the industry, such credits transfer as business electives. You must request an official transcript from ACE be sent directly to the Center for Distance Learning to have your credits reviewed.

Students interested in learning more about the Market Traders Institute, please review this agreement.  

Credit by Examination

College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) subject examinations, and College Board Advanced Placement Examinations may be reviewed for possible credit.

See Required CLEP Exam Scores and Advanced Placement Credits.  Both CLEP and AP are found on pages 13-18.

The maximum number of credits applicable to the major by external or internal examinations is 30 credits. If you have already taken any of these examinations, you must provide an official transcript for each. After review by UW-Platteville, you will be informed regarding transfer credits accepted.

Courses Test-Out

If you believe you have proficiency in a specific course, you may be able to test out of it. Test-out costs and procedures are determined by individual departments. The maximum number of credits applicable to the business major earned by internal or external examinations is 30 credits.

No student may test out of a course that is a prerequisite, stated or implied, for an advanced course in the same subject for which credits have already been earned. Only students who are officially enrolled at UW-Platteville may participate in departmental test-out examinations. Contact your academic advisor to discuss any questions regarding testing out of a course.

Educational Partners

Students interested in learning more about the ICCOC, please visit:

Tailor your business administration degree to match your career goals. Complete a minimum of 15 credits for an area of emphasis. Not all emphases are available fully online.

Finance Emphasis (15 credits)

Learn to maximize value while minimizing risk and strengthen your analytical skills, while building a strong academic background in finance. The effective investment and management of capital is crucial for the survival and growth of all organizations.

ACCTING 3720 Financial Statement Analysis & Business Valuation*
BUSADMIN 3640 Financial Systems Analysis
BUSADMIN 3650 International Finance
BUSADMIN 3710 Bank Management
BUSADMIN 3930 Investments
BUSADMIN 4030 Financial Decision Making

Integrated Marketing Emphasis (15 credits)

Develop, manage and promote an organization’s brand across all relevant media. Integrated marketing encompasses all strategic and tactical aspects of positioning a brand and motivating a customer to take action. Gain experience in persuasive communications, advertising in online and traditional media, strategic promotion, data analytics, and e-commerce strategies. Technology, the speed of communication, a changing consumer, and globalization all affect the marketing environment on a daily basis.

BUSADMIN 3110 Strategic Promotions Management
BUSADMIN 3240 E-Commerce and E-Marketing in Today's World
BUSADMIN 3630 Advertising (required)
BUSADMIN 3700 Marketing Research
BUSADMIN 3740 Consumer Behavior (required)
BUSADMIN 4630 Marketing Management (required)
BUSADMIN 4150 E-Marketing Apps*

Professional Sales Emphasis (15 credits)

Learn the study of the principles, techniques and practices involved in selling products, services and ideas to final consumers and organizational buyers. Selling is a critical aspect of running a successful business. Personal selling is a process of developing relationships, discovering customer needs, matching the appropriate products/services with these needs and communicating benefits through informing, reminding, or persuading.

BUSADMIN 3720 International Marketing
BUSADMIN 3740 Consumer Behavior
BUSADMIN 3820 Professional Selling* (required)
BUSADMIN 3830 Sales Management*
BUSADMIN 3840 Advanced Selling* (required)
BUSADMIN 4630 Marketing Management

Management Emphasis (credits vary)

Explore the principles of organization, the design of hierarchy, and the allocation of resources. These courses are designed to build strong communication skills, develop critical thinking, and identify personal traits of leadership. This emphasis must be completed in conjunction with another emphasis area.

BUSADMIN 3530 Organizational Behavior
BUSADMIN 3540 Quality Management or BUSADMIN 3600 Regulatory Compliance Management*
BUSADMIN 4140 International Management

AND another Business Administration emphasis or any university major or minor except a Business Administration minor. A maximum of six credits from another business emphasis or minor may be applied to this area of emphasis.

Human Resource Management Emphasis (15 credits)

Connect an organization’s most important assets – its people – to products and services created by value-added activities contributing to organizational goals. Such activities include talent acquisition and management, training and development, compensation management, diversity and employee relations initiatives, change management, and strategic planning.

Required Courses (6 credits)

BUSADMIN 3100 Compensation Management
BUSADMIN 4200 Employee Recruitment and Selection

Choose three courses below to complete this emphasis:                                     
BUSADMIN 3340 Management, Gender, and Race
BUSADMIN 3450 Employment Law*
BUSADMIN 3500 Employee Training and Development
BUSADMIN 4330 Labor-Management Relations
INDUSTDY 1010 Principles of Industrial Safety*                 

Integrated Supply Chain Management Emphasis (16 credits)

Integrated Supply Chain Management is a rapidly growing area of business. Supply chain consists of all steps that lead to the production of goods and services, including suppliers and distribution channels. Coordinate the links of the supply chain to maintain quality and customer satisfaction, while at the same time keeping costs under control.

Required Courses (7 credits)

BUSADMIN 1210 Introduction to ERP
BUSADMIN 4120 Operations Management
INDUSTDY 4950 Production Planning and Control

Choose three courses below to complete this emphasis:
BUSADMIN 3540 Quality Management or INDUSTDY 4940 Quality Assurance*
BUSADMIN 4140 International Management
BUSADMIN 4160 Purchasing Management
BUSADMIN 4170 Predictive Analytics*
INDUSTDY 4900 Work Measurement and Human Factors*

General Business Emphasis (15 credits)

Round out your degree and choose from courses in finance, human resources management, supply chain, and sales and marketing. This emphasis is for students wishing to meet specific career or educational goals, including working in a family business or preparing for a graduate program.

Any business administration courses with the BUSADMIN prefix from the 3,000 or 4,000 level may be taken other than those required in the business core courses.

You'll earn your degree by successfully completing 120 credits. All courses listed are three credits unless otherwise stated.

Requirements listed below are for the 2018-19 catalog. Your requirements are subject to the catalog that was in effect at the time you were admitted.

General Education Requirements

Your academic advisor can help guide you in determining which courses from UW-Platteville and other institutions will meet your general education requirements.

General education requirements can be completed by:

  • Taking distance courses through UW-Platteville or UW Colleges

  • Taking approved on-campus or online courses from UW-Platteville or other institutions

  • Transferring approved credits from other institutions

Competency Requirements (11-12 credits)

Communication (8 credits)

English Composition:

ENGLISH 1130 College Writing I
ENGLISH 1230 College Writing II

Speech Communication: SPEECH 1010 Oral Communication for Professionals (2 credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

At least one math course at MATH 1630 or above is required.

Liberal Arts Requirements (23 credits)

Fine Arts, Humanities, and Historical Perspectives (9 credits)

MUSIC 1590 Music Appreciation
WOMGENDR 1130 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
HISTORY 1430 History of the US Since 1877

Social Science (6 credits)

Choose two of the following courses to complete your social science requirements:

CRIMLJUS 1130 Introduction to Criminal Justice
ECONOMIC 2130 Principles of Macroeconomics (required for degree)
ECONOMIC 2230 Principles of Microeconomics (required for degree)
PSYCHLGY 1130 General Psychology

Supplementary Credits (3 credits)

Additional credits in mathematics and social sciences are required for bachelor's degree.

Natural Science (8 credits)

BIOLOGY 2340 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
GEOGRPHY 1040 Planet Earth (4 credits)

International Education/Ethnic/Gender Studies (6-9 credits)

International Education (3 credits)

BUSADMIN 1300 Global Business (required for degree)

Ethnic & Gender Studies (3-6 credits)

At least three credits in ethnic studies and three credits in gender studies must be taken, or one 3-credit course that satisfies both requirements.

BUSADMIN 3340 Management, Gender, & Race (satisfies both requirements)
WOMGENDR 1130 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (satisfies the gender requirement)

Business Administration Major Requirements

Business Core Courses (50 credits)

*Courses not currently available through UW-Platteville's Center for Distance Learning. View all undergraduate course offerings.

ACCTING 2010 Financial Accounting
ACCTING 2020 Management Accounting
BUSADMIN 1300 Global Business
BUSADMIN 2100 Supply Chain Management
BUSADMIN 2330 Leadership and Management
BUSADMIN 2340 Business Analytics, ECONOMIC 2410 Interpretation of Business or Economic Data, or MATH 1830 Elementary Statistics
BUSADMIN 2630 Introduction to Marketing
BUSADMIN 3030 Human Resource Management
BUSADMIN 3130 Legal Environment of Business
BUSADMIN 3620 Corporate Finance
BUSADMIN 4840 Business Policy/Strategy
COMPUTER 1830 Microcomputer Applications
ECONOMIC 2130 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECONOMIC 2230 Principles of Microeconomics
MATH 1730 Mathematics of Finance or higher (excluding MATH 1830 and MATH 1930)
MEDIA 3010 Business Communication or ENGL 3000 Tech Writing*
SPEECH 1010 Oral Communication for Professionals


Choose from a variety of business administration courses to complete your degree requirements. Elective credits can also be used to earn a minor in criminal justice.

To ensure an admission decision for the desired semester, please submit your completed application and supporting materials by the following dates:

Spring: December 1                    Summer: April 15                    Fall: July 15

Admission Guidelines

First-Time Freshman

We're looking for students who meet these admission requirements:

High school / GED completion: Graduate of a recognized high school and have completed high school coursework required by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville at the time of graduation or have a general equivalency diploma (GED) with the required scores from the appropriate state department of public instruction or its equivalent.

College preparatory coursework successfully completed*

Subject Units
English 4
Mathematics (Algebra or higher) 3
Social Science 3
Natural Science (2 must include lab experience) 3
Courses from above academic areas, foreign language, fine arts, computer science or courses in vocational areas 4


*The requirements listed are for the academic school year 2017-18. Admission requirements will vary based on the year the applicant graduated from high school.

Rank / ACT Score: Top 50 percent of graduating class or ACT composite of 22 (1110 SAT score). Currently, the writing component for each exam is not required. This requirement is waived for prospective students over the age of 25.

Home Schooled Students

To be considered for admission, home-schooled students must provide official transcripts from school(s) attended, a transcript of courses taken at home and grades signed by the individual providing the education verifying the curriculum, an official ACT or SAT score, and any other information related to the student’s education.

Courses taken in the home school curriculum would be considered for admission purposes only. No credit will be given for university degree requirements unless one of the following applies:

  • High school courses are completed through an accredited high school, college or university.

  • The student successfully passes and completes a recognized exam program (i.e. CLEP)

If you do not meet the traditional admission requirements at the time of your graduation from high school, you may be considered for admission on an individual basis.

Transfer and Re-Entrant Students

Transfer students that apply for admission must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, plus good standing at the university most recently attended. If the GPA is less than 2.0, you will be considered for admission if more than five years have elapsed since the last attended school or two years if the last school you attended was UW-Platteville. You may petition in writing for an exception to the required five-year lapse of time. If you were on probation at the last institution that you attended, five years must have elapsed since the probationary status or two years if the last school you attended was UW-Platteville.

Admission Procedures for Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

To apply for the bachelor's degree program, you must:

  1. Complete and submit your application electronically at
    a. Select UW-Platteville
    b. In the Reason for Applying section choose "100% Online Program Undergraduate Degree."
    c. Select Business Administration or Criminal Justice as your major. This will route your application to the Center for Distance Learning for processing.

  2. Pay a $50 non-refundable application fee at the secure website or mail a check payable to:

Center for Distance Learning
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza
Platteville WI 53818-3099

  1. Request an official transcript to be sent directly from your high school(s) of attendance, and all schools attended since high school, to the Center for Distance Learning at the address above. Your high school transcript must show your graduation date and high school rank at the time of graduation. We cannot accept unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the school(s) of attendance. Your application is not complete until we receive your transcript(s). All transcripts become the property of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

  2. Check with the Center for Distance Learning about two weeks after you request transcripts to make sure we have received them. The Center for Distance Learning will mail your transcript evaluation results approximately four weeks after we receive all required transcripts. The evaluation will tell you which courses transfer to UW-Platteville and what coursework you need to complete to receive the bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

If you received a GED certificate

Contact your GED testing site to request that your scores be sent to the Center for Distance Learning. If the testing site is unable to send them, contact the Department of Public Instruction in the state where your GED was granted and request an official copy of your scores be sent to the Center for Distance Learning. In Wisconsin you can contact:

Department of Public Instruction
125 South Webster Street
PO Box 7841
Madison WI 53707-7841
800.441.4563 or 608.266.3390

International Students

If you attended a school outside the United States, follow these procedures:

  1. Complete and submit an electronic application.
    a. In the Reason for Applying section choose "100% Online Program Undergraduate Degree."
    b. Select Business Administration or Criminal Justice as your major. This will route your application to the Center for Distance Learning for processing.

  2. Demonstrate proficiency in English by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL® Test) score to the Center for Distance Learning. A minimum score of 64 for the internet-based TOEFL is required of all international students whose native language is not English. If you have taken the TOEFL, you must request official evidence be sent from the testing agency directly to the Center for Distance Learning, indicating the date on which you took the examination and your score.

    You may be excused from taking the TOEFL if you have demonstrated competence in English through courses taken at such institutions and have earned grades of B or higher in English composition courses and speech or two English composition courses. As an alternative, you may submit scores from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). You must have a band-level score of 5.5 or higher.

Sub-score Minimum TOEFL iBT (internet-based) IELTS
Reading 15 5.0
Listening 15 5.0
Speaking 17 5.0
Writing 17 5.0
Total Composite Minimum 64 5.5


3. Request that your academic records (called transcripts in the United States) confirming secondary and university education, be mailed directly from the school attended to:

Center for Distance Learning
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza
Platteville WI 53818-3099

Academic records must be in the original language with a certified English translation and should include the dates of attendance, level of study, list of subjects, school leaving marks/grades earned, grading system used and record of certificate, diploma, and/or degree earned.

If you have post-secondary transcripts from a university outside of the United States you must also contact Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or World Education Services (WES) to obtain an evaluation of your postsecondary transcripts and request that an official copy of your evaluation be mailed to the UW-Platteville Center for Distance Learning.

UW-Platteville requires a “Course by Course” evaluation. You are responsible for making the request and paying associated fees. See the ECE or WES website for complete instructions. They may require additional educational records. Contact them directly if you have questions.