Lesley Hughes


180 Doudna Hall

Degrees and Schools

  • Bachelor of Music, University of Kansas
  • Master of Music, Arizona State University
  • Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Lesley Hughes is a doctoral candidate in historical musicology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under adviser Dr. Pamela Potter and has recently joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville as an instructor of music history. Her dissertation, titled “Survival Strategies: The Professional, Political, and Artistic Negotiations of Paul Hindemith, 1918-1934,” reevaluates Paul Hindemith’s compositions of the 1920s and 1930s as responses to the economic, political, and technological developments during those years. Lesley has presented her research at conferences of the American Musicological Society, the German Studies Association, and the German Academic Exchange Service. Other research interests include the intersections between art and music in early 20th century collaborations, the use of modern music journals as propaganda for publishing firms, and the relationship between twentieth-century composers and the expansion of music criticism.