Dr. Teresa Burns


320 Warner Hall

I’ve been fortunate to teach at a place that has encouraged me to grow and explore new things rather than move on to another job. I received a Ph.D. in creative writing, studying with Don Barthelme and Edward Albee, with secondary areas that included rhetoric and composition, medieval literature, postcolonial literature in English, and American literature since the Civil War. I came here in 1994 to teach Technical Writing, developed courses in Teaching English as a Second Language, then for several years taught and developed courses mainly in American minority literature, gender studies, and professional writing; I’m still an active member of the Women’s and Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies program councils. I’ve written a variety of popular articles on Renaissance Hermeticism, especially the connection between the magical and alchemical systems of John Dee, Edward Kelley, and Giordano Bruno to the literature and architecture of the time. Nancy Turner and I translated the first English edition of The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus, or Tuba Veneris, attributed to John Dee. I hope that working with connections between many related fields which often are kept separate in the modern academy helps make me a better chairperson of a department so large that it includes courses in Freshman Composition, English Language and Literature, Professional creative and technical writing, Spanish, German, French, (as well as courses for future teachers in all of the preceding), Chinese and philosophy! If you know what sort of subjects you’re interested in but not quite sure what they might be called in a university setting, come talk to me! Humanities courses prepare you for the educational journey you’ll be on for the rest of your life.