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Pre-College Programs Graphic

Program Description

PCA is a two-week college immersion program

College immersion means that for two-weeks Pre-College Academy Innovators will attend as a college student; they will experience the joys and freedoms of being a college student as well as the responsibility that comes with that freedom. Innovators will run their own study sessions, will be expected to manage their own class schedule, and most importantly will be held accountable both their performance and behavior during our program. We seek to offer an authentic experience that is academically, socially, physically, and emotionally challenging. We are looking for people that are ready to raise their level of effort and engagement in their own lives, and looking for a program that will shape them for years to come.  

During this experience, Innovators will engage in programming such as: 

  • Living in one of our new resident halls 
  • Experience a large seminar format course
  • Take two challenging general education classes 
  • Choose a major and dive into a specific program for the duration of their program
  • Choose a cultural enrichment program (Previous classes included: HipHop/West African Dance, Salsa, Samba, and Native Hand-Drumming) 
  • Engage in fitness and relxation training
  • Have fun at our final event/concert/banquet
  • Engage in fun activities like lazer tag, go karts, video games, sports, and more. 

Program Philosopy

Pre-College Academy focuses on each innovator as a single unique person. We believe there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to helping people learn, so we have built a program that teaches, challenges, and coaches our innovators to operate at their highest level. From food, to leadership training, to academic preparation, we create a process that feels unique and challenging to each participant. We do this through providing an open world experience, one that has boundaries (usually related to saftey) but within it, they have the unlimited opportunity to learn and grow. 

At the Pre-College Academy our Scholars are no longer high school students, they will not be addressed as such and will be expected to bring the best version of themselves to our program daily. We challenge them to fight the urge to lower the bar and to continually raise their personal standards. 

If this sounds like a program for you, apply for PCA18!



Pre-College: Pre-College Academy Details

Pre-College Academy


Eligible Participants: Students entering grades 9-11 in Fall '18
Dates: July 8-20, 2018

Priority Application Deadline: April 1, 2018
Transportation: Provided in or near major metropolitan hubs 
Housing: Included in program costs 
Meals: Included in program costs

Cost Options: 

  1. We will have 30 Scholarships provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for Wisconsin Residents ONLY
  2. We engage wth partnerships with school networks and Community Based organizations to provide full or partial scholarships
  3. Pay your own way cost: $900.00 (All inclusive Cost - Housing, Shirt, Meals, transporation, books, instruction, etc.) 


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