Are you prepared to make an impact? 

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs' Pre-College Programs is offering a dynamic employment opportunity. We are looking for individuals seeking an opportunity to gain transferrable work skills, improve leadership skills, impact the lives of youth across the tri-state area! 

We are looking to fill three types of positions: 

  • Team Leader 
  • Peer Mentor
  • Program Manager (1 position, Bachelor's degree required) 

Our programs focus on helping to shape students into the best people they can be. In order to do this, we are seeking a dedicated staff that is willing to do go above and beyond to create an environment of excellence. If this is you, fill out an application and get the process started! 

General Application

ex: 555-555-5555
ex: 555-555-5555
Status as a legal adult is an occupational qualification to be employed with UW-Platteville Pre-College programs. As per the qualifications, applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the application to be eligible.


If you are applying for a Team Leader or Communication Specialist position, it is mandatory that you are making satisfactory academic progress to be considered for a role with our programs. Because we provide academic enrichment programs, and seek to model academic excellence for our program participants, we are seeking applicants that are making adequate progress toward completion of a degree and are not enrolled on a probationary status.


If applying to Program Manager position click "N/A"
To apply to Program Manager position, applicant must possess a Bachelor's degree at the time of application.
Note: We are primarily seeking Education Majors for Full STEAM Team Leader positions, but please apply for both if you have interest as we are always seeking capable candidates above all else.

To complete the essays you have two options: write a traditional essay answering the questions, or create a youtube video answering each question and paste the URL links in the corresponding text area.

Video is preferred as it provides an opportunity to view your personality and hear your sincerity. However, writing an essay is equally acceptable, and does not provide any disadvantage. Choose what works best for you.

Submit Resume 

Form Certification

I certify the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the information provided will be used solely for candidate evaluation and program eligibility purposes and will kept confidential.



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