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I would like to announce that Annuity.Org is our newest organizational partner. Annuity.Org will provide blog posts, information on financing college, investment information, and much more. Check out the first post below under "Financial Literacy" 

Financial literacy is one of of the most important, yet alienating aspects of the college process. Parents and students alike do not always have the background knowledge necessary to feel at ease about navigating the financial aspects. For this reason, this page exists to provide prospective students and their families with background knowledge of terminology and the college financial aid process as a whole. Here, you will find educational resources that will help you grow your understanding, hopefully your ease in navigating this process. The sources used on this page almost exclusively come from approved government sites that speak specifically to the broader picture of financial aid. In addition, I have provided the link the UW-Platteville Financial Aid office so that you can learn more about how things work here. 

For more information about financial aid opportunities at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, visit our Financial Aid Office

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Graduating on Time: The Debt Impact of Being Enrolled in School Beyond 4 Years by Lauren Terfehr

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Types of Federal Student Aid

FAFSA Overview

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