UW-Platteville Exercises

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uw-Platteville emergency/disaster exercises

Date Type of Exercise Scenario
05/2012 Tabletop Active Shooter
08/2012 Full-Scale Active Shooter in Ullrich Hall (Video Clip)
01/2013 Tabletop Cyberattack (IT Department)
04/2013 Tabletop Hazardous Material Spill  (With City Departments)
07/2013 Functional Hazardous Material Spill (Photos)
08/2013 Tabletop Hazardous Material Spill (University Executive Group)
03/2014 Tabletop Building Collapse on campus
08/2015 Functional Plane Crash into Pioneer Tower
09/2016 Tabletop Active Shooter (College of EMS)
10/2016 Tabletop Active Shooter (Admissions)
11/2016 Tabletop Various Scenarios (Senior Team Leadership)
01/2017 Tabletop Network Intrusion (ITS)
03/2017 Tabletop Armed Robbery/ Active Shooter (Cahiers & Financial Aid)
04/2017 Tabletop Disgruntled Employee (Human Resources & Financial Services)
08/2017 Tabletop Active Shooter in Bridgeway Commons (Residence Life)
TBA Tabletop (Distance Learning)


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