Vehicle Towing

University police officers are authorized to have a vehicle towed away if it is found to be in violation of any parking regulation.

  • Examples of violations that may result in towing include, but are not limited to:
    • Vehicle is parked in an area that would obstruct emergency vehicle access to university buildings and grounds (e.g. blocking fire lane).
    • Blocking vehicle or pedestrian traffic ways.
    • Parking in no parking zones where hazards exist.
    • Unauthorized vehicles in a permit area.
    • Parking in a reserved stall or disabled stall/access aisle.
    • Parking that impedes progress of necessary maintenance or service projects (snow removal, paving, trash pick-up, etc.)
    • Parking illegally in a designated tow-zone (all of campus is tow zone).
    • The vehicle's driver has unpaid parking citations.
      • Total unpaid University parking citation amounts greater than $300 or vehicles with suspended registration due to unpaid parking citations issued by UW-Platteville.
      • Vehicles towed due to unpaid parking citations will not be released until ALL outstanding University citations are paid.
    • Parking illegally with license or vehicle identification number covered, unreadable, or missing.
    • Tows may be performed on vehicles leaking gas, oil, antifreeze, etc., or vehicles is in the way of unforeseen danger, i.e., flooding.
    • The vehicle displays a permit that has been reported stolen.
    • The vehicle displays an altered/forged/counterfeit permit.
    • When a vehicle is parked on university grounds/sidewalks.
    • When a vehicle parks, or remains parked in a closed parking lot.
    • A vehicle with a license plate that does not match the vehicle registration (stolen or illegally transferred plates).

Repeat violations and/or nonpayment of parking tickets may also result in impounding the vehicle involved or removing it from University owned or operated property at owner’s expense.

If impounded, vehicles will be released when all outstanding tickets, towing charges and fees have been paid.

During a snow emergency, vehicles parked in any staff or commuter lot between 2am-6am, will be ticketed and towed to allow snow removal.  

The University is not responsible for any damage incurred due to towing.

Unclaimed vehicles may be disposed of by the police department after 15 days in accordance with applicable administrative codes and state statutes, unless the owner contacts the University Police Department and makes provisions to release the vehicle and pay all outstanding fines and expenses.