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Keep in mind if an insurance company contacts us for a copy of an incident by law we are required to provide them with an incident with no redactions.  If you request a copy of an incident that you are obtaining for your insurance company we will be required by law to redact certain information which the insurance company will need.

Police: Contact Information

Contact Information

Officer On Duty
24 Hours A Day

For Emergency Calls, dial 9-1-1.

For non-emergency calls, contact:

University Police Office
134 Brigham Hall
Tel: 608.342.1584
Fax: 608.342.1641

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday: 7:30–11 a.m., and
Noon–4 p.m., excluding holidays


For after-hours non-emergency calls, contact:

University Police Office
Tel: 608.342.1584

Platteville Police Dispatch
Tel: 608.348.2313

For additional information and other after hours options, visit the University Police Contact Information page.

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