Lost Property Form



(only use this form if you lost your item on the university property)

Do not use this form if your property was stolen

The name above must be the NAME of the OWNER that lost the property

You may use your personal or school email or a friend/family member if you don't have one
If you are reporting your cell phone lost please still provide the number here
Please provide a contact number if you have lost your cell phone to communicate with you
You will not be permitted to add an item lost more than 2 months ago
(Example: Room, Building) University property/areas only
An identity document can be Credit/Debit card Drivers License Student ID
Please give a detailed description of your item Example - Chevy Malibu Ignition Key, Orange and Yellow Gold S Fob, Keyless Remote, etc
You may use this field for any other information we may need. Example The name of contact number you provided above, etc
Please repeat your first and last name (the individual THAT LOST the property)

This form will be automatically sent to

Athletics Department (WFH - Room 134)

Box Office (Ullsvik)

Computer Science & Software Engineering (Ullrich)

BILSA (Tower)

Electrical Engineering (EGH)

EMS Office (Otts)

Health and Human Performance Department (WFH - Room 110)

Information Center (MPSC)

Karrmann Library

LAE (Gardner)

Performing and Visual Arts

School of Education (Doudna)

Student Support Services (Warner)

The Math Department (Gardner)

University Police (Brigham)

Facilities Mgmt (Giese)


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