Emergency Procedures-Call Boxes

call box


The emergency call boxes should be used for emergencies requiring immediate police, fire, or ambulance services. They are not intended for routine service requests.

  • Persons using an Emergency Call Box or Telephone improperly can be cited or charged criminally.

The emergency call boxes are radios that operate on the University Police radio frequency. When the call box PUSH FOR HELP button is pressed, all on-duty police officers monitoring the University Police frequency, including the Platteville Police and the Grant County Sheriff's Department, receive the announcement providing the location of the activated call box alarm. Police response to the alarm does not rely on the caller's ability to provide information on his/her location, or ability to speak.

How to Use the Emergency Call Boxes

  1. Press the PUSH FOR HELP button located on the front panel of the call box.
  2. A green indicator light will light up momentarily, signaling that the call has been sent to all on-duty police officers via radio. In addition there will be a general message informing you that the call has been sent.
  3. A police officer may speak directly to you or respond to the location if close to the area.
  4. If additional information is being requested through the call box, you must press the PUSH FOR HELP button when speaking. After completing your message you must release the PUSH FOR HELP button. Your message should be short, and speak as normally as possible.