Emergency Management

Emergency Planning


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville places the safety and well-being of students, employees and the public at the top of its priorities. The campus is working to improve safety and emergency planning in the wake of the tragic events at universities and schools around the country.  Education, training, and testing emergency procedures and crime prevention techniques are UW-Platteville's first priority and our best chance for eliminating or minimizing risks to the safety of students, employees, and guests at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Prevention includes observation, awareness, risk assessment, planning, and reporting.


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Tools for Students & Staff

Tools for Departments and Staff

Emergency Exercises & Drills

An essential part of any emergency plan is the testing, training, and exercising portion. How effective is the plan going to be when it is really needed?

Knowing the areas of the plan that need improvement is critical to the overall success of the plan.  Learn more.

Throughout every academic year, UW-Platteville conducts tests on our emergency response plan, our COOP plans, and alarm systems, by means of system tests, tabletop exercises, functional drills, and full-scale exercises.

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