Emergency Drills Defined

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 types of emergency exercises


   systems testing

UW-Platteville, on a regular basis, will test the functionality of our fire alarm system, smoke/fire detectors, emergency call boxes, tornado alert system, Pioneer text alert system, 911 Emergency phones, and the City of Platteville outdoor siren system.


   Tabletop Exercise

The tabletop exercise is a meeting to discuss a simulated emergency situation. Members of the campus review and discuss the actions they would take in a particular emergency, testing their emergency plan in an informal, low-stress environment. Tabletop exercises are used to clarify roles and responsibilities and to identify additional campus mitigation and preparedness needs. The exercise should result in action plans for continued improvement of the emergency plan.


   Functional Exercise

A functional exercise simulates an emergency in the most realistic manner possible, short of moving resources to an actual site. The exercise is conducted in a “real—time” environment in an EOC or Command Post. The exercise is intended to provide more stress and pressure to the participants. A functional exercise is used to test and evaluate the capability of an organization to respond to an emergency using a simulated event.


   full-scale exercise

A full-scale exercise is as close to the real thing as possible. It combines the interactivity of the functional exercise with the field element. The full-scale exercise should test and evaluate all or most functions listed in the emergency operations plan. The full-scale exercise is useful to test total coordination among policy makers, coordination officials, and field forces.