Crime Prevention

Security Vest

Crime Prevention

No campus is immune to crime, including the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The two major crimes reported to the University Police are criminal damage to property and theft. The International Association of College Law Enforcement Administrators has created a crime prevention web site to provide parents and students with information directed towards college life.  The following link provides additional information on crime prevention in college.

IACLEA Crime Prevention Website

Safe Walk

University Police offers a Safe Walk escort program for students and staff.  Student security personnel will meet individuals on campus and walk them to their destination, within two blocks of campus.  The hours of service are below and to the right on this screen.

Safety and Security Presentations

Information regarding safety and security will be provided by the University Police to anyone requesting information or a presentation. Some of the presentations that are available include alcohol awareness, drunk driving, and sexual assault.

Request a Presentation

Taking Care of Yourself

  • If you remain in an academic building after closing time, use the “buddy system” so that you have contact with at least one person. Have a cell phone with you, and pre-program emergency telephone numbers.
  • Use the buddy system to walk at night. Do not use shortcuts, and stay on well-traveled sidewalks.
  • If you are alone, utilize the Safe Walk Service offered through the University Police Department.
  • Don’t leave purses, books, backpacks, coats, or other personal property unattended, even for short time periods.
  • Keep your door locked when your room is unattended, or when you are sleeping.
  • Keep serial numbers of valuable property safely recorded. If possible all valuables should be photographed with the serial numbers and other identifying information labeled on the photograph. Click here to add your property / serial numbers to a National Property Registry.
  • Check with your home owner’s insurance about insurance coverage for property kept on campus. If your family home owner’s insurance does not cover property brought to campus, talk to an insurance agent about renter’s insurance.
  • Lock your vehicle, and do not leave property in plain view. Store your property in your room. If you have an interior trunk release, do not store valuables in the trunk.
  • Have several sets of vehicle keys in the event that you accidentally lock the keys in your vehicle. Keep at least one set in your room. Do not lock a spare set of keys in your vehicle.
  • Before entering your parked vehicle, quickly check the seating area to ensure that no one is in or has been in your vehicle.

Additional Information

Crime Prevention:

Personal Safety

Police: Contact Information

Contact Information

Officer On Duty
24 Hours A Day

For Emergency Calls, dial 9-1-1.

For non-emergency calls, contact:

University Police Office
134 Brigham Hall
Tel: 608.342.1584
Fax: 608.342.1641

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday 7:45AM - 4:00PM, excluding holidays

After Hours

For after-hours non-emergency calls, contact:

University Police Office
Tel: 608.342.1584

Platteville Police Dispatch
Tel: 608.348.2313

For additional information and other after hours options, visit the University Police Contact Information page.

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Police: Safe Walk

Safe Walk

Safe Walk escorts are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

When available, University Resource Officers provide the Safe Walk service to students and staff.  When a University Resource Officer is unavailable, University Police Officers will provide the escort, if at all possible.  Persons requesting a Safe Walk escort may have to wait for a period of time, if there is no URO on duty and the on-duty officer is busy.

To request a Safe Walk escort, call the University Police at 608.342.1584.  After normal business hours, call the Platteville Police Department at 608.348.2313 or the University Police Department at 608.342.1584 (select option 2 from voicemail prompts) and tell the dispatcher you are requesting a Safe Walk escort.  University Police Personnel (a URO or an Officer) will meet you at your location and walk with you to your destination.  The starting and ending locations of the escort must be on or within 2 blocks of the UW-Platteville campus.