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What is the Plastics Department all about at UW-Platteville?

The Center for Plastics Processing Technology at UW-Platteville is dedicated to assisting the existing plastics industry through education and technical services. It is further committed to attracting new plastics-related enterprises to the tri-state region of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

Confidential services are provided at little or no cost by UW-Platteville faculty members and senior-level students in the department of industrial studies. All other university resources are also available to companies and individuals seeking assistance through the program in plastics technology.

In a fast-paced, competitive world, well-trained workers are essential for business growth. The Center for Plastics Processing Technology offers unique resources to help train employees and lead your plastics firm to success. The Center for Plastics Processing Technology is an educational partnership between industry and the university, using plastics processing equipment that was designed and provided by leading manufacturers.

The center, a laboratory worth more than $1 million, is one of the best-equipped facilities in the upper Midwest. From plant layout to prototype production to testing new materials, the center will help meet your needs. Take advantage of these valuable services.