Master Planning Schedule 2010-2011

Meeting Series #1 October 12-14: Assessment, Analysis and Benchmarking

A strong foundation and understanding of existing campus conditions is a vitally important step in the campus planning process. We will begin this phase by assessing and analyzing data provided by the university, and collecting key pieces of information by talking with and listening to key individuals and groups across the campus. We will establish goals and planning principles with the university—and set the stage for a successful and beneficial long term campus plan.

Analyzing all facets of the campus buildings, grounds and infrastructure, sets the appropriate parameters and constraints for future development to occur. Integrating future academic program, enrollment and staff projections with UW-Platteville space needs analysis sets additional parameters for future campus facility development.

Meeting Series #2 November 30 - December 1, 2010:

Preliminary Plan—Opportunities and Options Transforming analysis into initial strategies and design ideas will frame our scenarios for growth opportunities and options for change. We will develop three alternative concepts for campus buildings and grounds—defined by the campus development program established in October.

Meeting Series #3 February 16-17: Campus Overview Guidelines

Through information gathered during the analysis phase about campus heritage and vision, and by thinking strategically about how the campus may grow over time, we will create overview design guidelines to strengthen campus building and open space character. By detailing the character, materials, and the general quality of the built and natural environment surrounding the campus, UW Platteville will have the appropriate guidance when building and open space improvement opportunities are funded.

Meeting Series #4 April 28-29: Implementation Strategies

Further investigation of the development concepts from an implementation standpoint will help identify rough cost outlines and construction phasing. We will indicate building expansion sites and future land use. We will provide highest and best use of existing buildings based on creating departmental "home-base" and living/learning communities. We will prioritize new facility construction, existing building renovation, open space improvements, and changes to roads and parking. Based on these strategies, we will indicate estimated construction costs, potential funding sources, and a recommended phasing sequence in a matrix tied to the campus plan.

Meeting Series #5 June 27-28: Draft Comprehensive Campus Plan

Creating a draft campus plan for review - early in the documentation process - allows for the input for all, and the likelihood of a fully accepted document. This draft plan will incorporate all components of the final plan in draft format for final review and approval prior to completion of a final document and presentation. We will provide before and after sketches of multiple campus views and present detailed open space development.

Final Meeting February 6-7: Final Comprehensive Campus Master Plan

The final campus plan will create a comprehensive road map guiding UW-Platteville through future growth opportunities and changes over time. During this final phase in the planning process, we will fine tune our final diagrams, drawings, narrative descriptions, and web files. Supporting future student enrollment growth, research, student life, and on-campus housing, we will indicate all campus improvements to buildings, roads, walkways, parking areas, outdoor gathering areas, and playing fields. Improving existing building use and scheduling, preserving open space, and potential land acquisition will also be included.

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