Research Collaborators

The following is a list of current and past professionals that have collaborated on UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm research projects.

Collaborator Specialization Project


Daren Harmel Hydrologist Alternative Samplers
Tom Edrington Animal Scientist Pathogens in Runoff
Peter Vadas Soil Scientist Pasture Runoff
Thomas Moorman Soil Microbiology UMRB LTAR
John Baker Soil Physics UMRB LTAR
Gary Feyereisen Hydrologist UMRB LTAR
Mark David Tomer Soil Scientist UMRB LTAR
Abdullah Jaradat Agronomist UMRB LTAR


Philip Parker Hydrologist Norman Runoff Sampler
Mike Penn Hydrologist P Loss from Winter Runoff
Barb Barnett Statistician Assistance for Statistical Analyses
Jeff Huebschmann Biologist Nesting Birds, Small Mammals
Sharon Klavins Biologist Botany
Donita Cartmill Environmental Horticulture UMRB LTAR

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

George Kraft Hydrogeologist Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions
Paul McGinley Hydrogeologist Paul McGinley

University of Wisconsin-madison

John Panuska Soil Scientist Phosphorus Loss, Erosion
Laura Ward-Good Soil Scientist Phosphorus Index

University of Arkansas

Brian Haggard Hydrologist Alternative Samplers



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