Pioneer Farm Biosecurity Policy


We ask that you read and follow the attached guidelines to assure that there is a minimal risk of carrying disease or infections into and out of our herds and that we can maintain public accessibility of our facilities for educational and demonstration use.

  1. All visitors must wear disposable plastic boots when visiting our facilities. Boots are provided at the entrances of our facilities.
  2. Visitors who have been in contact with livestock or have been on animal units within the past 48 hours must wear clothing and outer garments that were not worn on or have been laundered since the previous contact.
  3. All faculty, staff and students must wear either provided disposable boots or personal clean rubber boots when visiting or working in UW-Platteville Livestock Facilities. Rubber boots must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before entering and upon leaving the facility. Disposable boots must be new before entering the facility and thrown away upon leaving the facility. Alternatively, a dedicated pair of footwear should be located at the animal facility and used when entering the facility. Said dedicated footwear should never be used at any other animal facility.
  4. All faculty, staff and students should change into clean clothes or outer garments between visits from a non-university livestock facility and any off-site university animal unit. If faculty, staff and students visit animal facilities not affiliated with the university, they must wear disposable plastic boots or clean rubber boots. Rubber boots should be cleaned and disinfected and disposable boots discarder upon leaving that facility.
  5. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, students and visitors to maintain their own personal hygiene following contact with any livestock. Soap is provided in the restrooms located in the Educational, Swine and Dairy Centers for hand cleansing.
  6. The manager of the animal units should be notified of any tours.



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