Beef Enterprise

Beef Herd - Red and Black Angus

Beef Barn

  • Working area with holding pen, tub and chute system
  • Digital scale
  • Sale arena for Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association (WBIA) Bull Test Sale held each spring
  • Storage for straw and feed
  • Utilize artificial insemination
  • Extensive use of embryo transfer
  • Performance testing

Beef Center Project - Frank and Mary Jean Hlavac Beef Center Gift - Read more here

Upper Beef Lots

  • Capacity for 50 head of beef animals - Registered Red & Black Angus
  • Winter housing for cows, heifers and steers
  • Cows calve in early to mid March
  • Access to MIG pasture

Lower Bull Lots

  • Site where bulls involved in the WBIA central test are kept and fed during testing period
  • Capacity of 150 head


Visit the Wisconsin BEEF Improvement Association website for bull tests.


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