Tours of Pioneer Farm

Hundreds of visitors tour Pioneer Farm each year, from prospective students to local community members and visiting professionals.  Find out more about our guided and self-guided tours.  

Pre-Veterinary Camp

Pioneer Farm hosts an annual Pre-Vet Camp for high school students grades 10th–12th with special consideration for those entering ninth grade. This hands-on camp is open to anyone with an interest in veterinary medicine or who enjoys working with animals. All sessions are given by veterinarians or professional staff from the UW-Platteville School of Ag and Pioneer Farm. Cost for this year's camp, held June 23-24, 2016, is $325 and includes overnight lodging at the Cooper Living and Learning Center as well as meals and scrubs. More info...  

DiscoveRY Farms

Discovery Farms are real working farms throughout Wisconsin's diverse agricultural landscape that are facing different environmental challenges. The Discovery Farms program is an effort by UW Extension and UW Madison that takes a real-world approach to finding the most economical solutions.  Pioneer Farm is a participating member of Discovery Farms.  More info...  

Composting at the farm

Pioneer Farm has a liquid manure system for the dairy free stall barn and uses composting methods for manure generated from the swine center, beef center and outside dairy lots.  All manure applied to Pioneer Farm fields is done based on our Nutrient Management Plan which is updated annually.  Solid manure is composted in windrows and turned on a regular basis using a pull-type compost turner.  Manure samples are taken prior to application to determine the nutrient contents of the manure and determine proper application rates.  In many cases the composted manure is sold to local farmers and community members for use on fields and gardens.  Our Agronomy Club sells the compost in the fall each year.