Pioneer Farm - 1960

Pioneer Farm has been an integral part of UW-Platteville since the inclusion of agriculture as an academic program in the early 1900's. Despite the move from campus to its present location in 1957, the mission has always been to maintain a working laboratory of production agriculture to demonstrate to students of all ages and levels. While agriculture technology and best management practices have evolved since those early days, that mission remains true today.

In the early years, Pioneer Farm was a mirror of typical farms with a great deal of diversity from dairy, swine, beef, horses, poultry, and sheep. Following the trend of modern agriculture, the farm at UW-Platteville has streamlined to include those enterprises of most interest to our consumer, the students, and the supporting organizations in the state of Wisconsin.

The philosophy of Pioneer Farm has always been to provide real life situations for our students. Therefore, the management and marketing strategies are very similar to those facing private producers. While undeniably there are significant differences in the financial component, the farm does face many of the same economic challenges.

Pioneer Farm consists of 430 total acres with some of the best soil in southwest Wisconsin. Our gently rolling fields are managed with conservation in mind and are rotated between corn, oats and alfalfa on the 325 tillable acres. Our livestock enterprises include dairy, beef and swine.

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