Pickard Hall Involvement

Pickard HAll Involvement Mission

The mission and purpose of the Pickard Hall Involvement Team is tasked with a number of goals throughout the year. First and foremost, this team is designed to provide a source of information in matters concerning Pickard Hall and campus community. As this team provides information to residents, it also lends itself to be a forum for residents to discuss and address any issues and concerns affecting the campus community.

Secondarily, this team is in place to provide support and recognize programs and opportunities for the hall and campus community while also providing guidance, training, and information to develop future leaders in the hall.

Finally, Pickard’s Hall Involvement Team exists to support and promote a positive, safe, and inclusive living environment for all residents within the hall.


Pickard Hall Involvement Members

2017/2018 Executive Board

President: Molly Brooks

Vice President: Lauren Standish

Secretary: Gus Morales

RHA Representative: Emerson Greeno

RHA Representative: Vacant





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