Student Organizations

Student Organizations


The PIC Staff provides student organization assistance in a multitude of ways, including:

• Provide guidance in starting a new organization
• Help discover ways to raise funds for projects
• Offer ideas for recruiting new members
• Assist officers with training sessions
• Support in developing budgets and navigating the student segregated fees process
• Work with leaders to help build a stronger organization

Find and organization by searching on PioneerLink or by selecting a category to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate PioneerLink?

PioneerLink is a great resource to not only show Student Organizations, but more involvement opportunities! Here's a helpful video on the basics of PioneerLink. 

How do I create an Event on PioneerLink?

If you're part of a Student Organization or Involvement Page on PioneerLink, and have permission, you can create an event by going to that page, and clicking "Create Event." Here's a helpful video on Creating an Event as well as using Attendance Tracking for events. 

Where is the Fundraiser Approval Form?

Fundraiser approval is built into the creation of an event. Create your event, select fundraiser from your event types page, and you will be prompted with the information needed in order to have your fundraiser approved.

What is the Pioneer Engagement Record?

The Pioneer Engagement Record is a comprehensive, customizable log of UW-Platteville students involvement and engagement experiences. Student Organization Involvement and targetted event attendance are auto-populated into the Pioneer Engagement Record. Students have the ability to self-reflect and add new experiences to their Pioneer Engagement Record. Here's a helpful video overviewing the Pioneer Engagement Record.  

Do I need to complete any paperwork?

Student Organizations need to complete the Annual Re-registration, starting in Spring and lasting until Fall. This is where organizations will update their rosters and indicate who is in new leadership positions.

Organizations that do activities of risk should be completing the "Annual Release to Participate" and turning the completed form into the Pioneer Involvement Center. As the form needs updating, Organizations should complete the additions as needed.

My Student Organization is Travelling, where do I find the Travel Forms?

Individual travelers should complete the Pre Travel Forms A and B and turn it in to their organization/the Pioneer Involvement Center before they travel.

If the group is travelling with SUFAC Funds, the individual travelers seeking reinbursement should complete the Travel POST for Student Org Reimbursement located on PioneerLink to apply for any reimbursment. NOTE: Fleet vehicle charges will be directly charged to the SUFAC account from the Physical Plant.


Find an Organization

Get connected at UW-Platteville by joining one or more of the 200+ active student organizations on PioneerLink. Browse by category:

...or create your own! Contact the the Pioneer Involvement Center for more information.