Student Governance

Student Governance

Student governance at UW-Platteville is organized into five governance groups. These groups are designed to represent the interests and views of students on the campus, local, state, and federal level in any matter concerning education and student life.

Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5) empowers student governance with the ability to formulate and review policy here at UW-Platteville and requires:

“The students of each institution or campus subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president, the chancellor, and the faculty shall have the primary responsibility for the formulation and review of policies concerning student life, services, and interests...The students of each institution or campus shall have the right to organize themselves in a manner they determine and to select their representatives to participate in institutional governance.”

All students are highly encouraged to become involved in the governance of their campus. You will gain valuable leadership, communication, and business skills through this experience and have a well-rounded and enjoyable college career. Feel free to contact any of the following groups if you have questions, concerns, or desire to become involved. Get involved by completing the attached packet below.

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