FAQs Regarding Academic Staff

Where can I find information on Job Security forms and procedures for Academic Staff?

You will find this information along with all the forms and procedures governing Academic Staff on the Personnel Commissionforms and resources page. You will also find information about the commission by-laws and state titling and salary ranges.

Who is responsible to complete the Job Security form for annual review?

The immediate supervisor is responsible.

What if the supervisor does not complete a job security form during the annual review?

Certainly the employee can ask the supervisor to complete the Job Security form. One should note that if the supervisor does not complete an annual review—it has been precedence to assume a favorable evaluation for the employee. If there are other questions, the employee should contact Human Resources.

What is the difference between an annual appointment and an academic appointment?

Annual appointments are for the fiscal year—July 1 to June 30, while academic appointments are for the school year, which generally runs from August 20 to May 20 in collaboration with the school calendar.

Explain how are the number of years of service are calculated on the Job Security form?

The number of years of service is calculated based on fiscal year for annual appointments and on academic year for academic appointments. Note for Employee Recognition purposes, UW-Platteville applies a formula based on your anniversary date.

What are the differences between Category A and B Academic Staff?

Category A consists of the professional and administrative Academic Staff. Category B represents all instructional and research Academic Staff.

If I receive a negative evaluation and feel it is unfair, what are my options?

The employee may write a counter statement and attach it to the annual review which is sent forward for administrative review and salary recommendation. Please refer to Performance Evaluation procedures.

Do Job Security forms have to be completed every year for Academic Staff who hold fixed term multi-year appointments?

Job Security forms must be completed through the seventh year if the employee requests a multi-year appointment. The form also needs completion if the employee is requesting a change in the appointment, i.e. rolling horizon.

Do Job Security forms have to be completed annually for Academic Staff in the 7+ years of service holding multi-year appointments and having their contracts automatically extended annually?

No, unless the employee is requesting a change in appointment.

My supervisor has decided not to renew my contract as a result of a personality conflict, what are my options?

Please refer to UW Platteville - Chapter 6 - Nonreappointment of Fixed Term Employees.

What is the difference between a retitle and a promotion request?

Retitling, per our guidelines, is a change in defined responsibilities, role, function or scope and can be either positive or negative. Promotion is a change in prefix that requires increased expertise, experience or ability in a particular specialty.

Who initiates the Retitling form?

The supervisor or the employee may initiate a Retitling form.

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