What is PACCE?

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The Pioneer Academic Center for Community Engagement (PACCE) is a transformative initiative for the campus-wide coordination, integration, and leadership of community-based scholarship of engagement on the UW-Platteville campus; and is a funding source for scholarship of engagement projects and internships.

  1. PACCE is a campfire around which those involved with Scholarship of Engagement can meet to plan and coordinate awareness, advocacy, training, faculty development, faculty scholarship, educational delivery, assessment, and communications to campus and community.
  2. PACCE is a conduit through which resources can flow either directly from PACCE to students and faculty or in support of other campus entities with specific Scholarship of Engagement missions.
  3. PACCE is a portal through which community and other campus entities can meet.
  4. PACCE is a voice on campus for Scholarship of Engagement in administration, faculty governance, and student governance.

PACCE coordinates two programs:

  1. Pioneer Engagement Scholars program
  2. Engagement Internship

The Pioneer Engagement Scholars program provides up to $500 per student to offset the cost incurred by students in conducting a community-based Scholarship of Engagement project. Funds can either be disbursed to the faculty member for management on behalf of students in her or his class, or can be distributed to students directly for individual projects. Pioneer Engagement Scholars projects must be for credit, must include three committed partners (student, faculty/staff, community), and must include significant interaction between the students and community partner. Other critical components include student reflection of their engagement experience, dissemination of project results, resume quality professional recognition, and added-value for the community partner.

The Engagement Internship program provides funding for student salary for those situations where an employer does not have the capability to pay the cost of an intern salary. Students must be pre-approved and be enrolled in a UW-Platteville internship program.

PACCE’s mission is that through Scholarship of Engagement, PACCE will nurture a campus environment that empowers students, faculty, staff, and community partners to Experience → Grow → Make a Difference.

PACCE hosts a semi-annual Engagement Poster Day that is designed to fulfill the dissemination requirement of the students’ Engagement Scholarship project. They also host faculty development workshops and networking events throughout the academic year. For information on upcoming events, click here.

Funding for PACCE is through a partnership of students, university, alumni, and community. Students provide funding for the Pioneer Engagement Scholars program through a differential tuition voted for and presented to the Board of Regents in Spring, 2008. Funding to support other projects, staff, faculty development and operations comes primarily from private giving by alumni and other community members who support the mission of community-based scholarship of engagement. To support the mission of PACCE, click here.

PACCE: Contact

Contact Information

Pioneer Academic Center for
Community Engagement (PACCE)

5th Floor Pioneer Tower
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818

E-mail: pacce@uwplatt.edu

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