Can a student do an independent study for a PACCE Project?

Yes, you may do an independent study course as a PACCE project.  You still need a proposal submitted, faculty member and a community partner component.

Is the Student Agreement Forms always necessary when submitting an application?

No, the only time that the Student Agreement forms need to be filled out and submitted is when the funding is going directly to the students. 

What is the source of PACCE funding?

PACCE is funded through the student differential.  These monies are designated for service learning and approved by the students for its use.

How many PACCE projects can a student do during their college experience?

There is no limit on the number of PACCE projects that a student can be a part of.

How do I find a community partner for my PACCE project?

PACCE Engagement Specialists are here to assist you.  They can help with finding a community partner and also help in finding an engagement project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
If you know of a project that you would like to work on, you may contact the community partner directly.  The PACCE office also provides assistance with this as well.

Do I have to participate in PACCE Engagement Poster Day?

Yes, this is a requirement of funding through PACCE.

I’d like to study abroad – can I do that through PACCE?

Study abroad is not directly funded by PACCE.  If you would like to take an independent study course through UW-Platteville and have an engagement project while studying abroad, that may qualify for PACCE funding.   All PACCE project requirements still need to be met.

Can travel expenses (meals and miles) be reimbursed when traveling within Platteville?

No, travel expenses within Platteville are not reimbursable through PACCE.

How do I receive reimbursement for my travel expenses through the PACCE grant?

First speak with your instructor to make sure that travel expenses are part of the budget.  If they are and the budget was set up with the funds going directly to the faculty member, you would fill out a Travel Expense Report (TER).  You must have all appropriate documentation for your travel.   Then send to Financial Services for approval.  PACCE does not need to pre-approve these expenses.

Does the PACCE office need to approve purchases made through the PACCE grant?

No--Once a PACCE grant is approved and all necessary documentation is sent in, an account will be opened in the faculty partners name.  The faculty partner is the manager of that account.  They can approve all expenses, based on the budget that was sent in.  All university purchasing guidelines must be followed.

Can a budget be changed after it has been approved?

Yes, but you must contact the PACCE office for this approval.  Any changes in the budget needs to be sent in writing to pacce@uwplatt.edu.  Once that is done the PACCE staff will consider the request.  

I am a graduate student.  Am I eligible for PACCE funding?

No, graduate students are not eligible for PACCE funding.

Why do we have different accounts for the PACCE grants?

The purpose of separate accounts is mainly for auditing purposes.  We need to keep funding separate for each fiscal year.  We also need to make sure the budgets are followed.  This keeps our records more accurate.

Can we get P-Cards or Debit Cards for PACCE grants?

You can get a P-Card for the grant, but it is only good for that one semester.  We are not able to get Debit cards for these grants.  Contact Purchasing for all P-Card questions.

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