PACCE Internships

There will be no PACCE internship program FOR the SUMMER OF 2017.

PACCE Internship Program

The Pioneer Academic Center for Community Engagement (PACCE) Internship program provides reimbursement to organizations who have the need for a student intern, but do not have the capacity to pay an intern and thus can only offer an unpaid internship.

The PACCE Internship program is not a curriculum program, rather a source for campus departments/schools to offer funding for unpaid internships. The curricular program is that which resides within an academic department/school. All student eligibility, policies and procedures that are part of an academic department/school’s internship program apply to any student enrolling in the same program, but funded by PACCE. The academic department/school is responsible for carrying out all curricular components as directed by their own policies and procedures.

For more information, see the Internship Handbook which outlines the complete program.

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Pioneer Academic Center for
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