PACCE Internship Program is not available for the summer of 2017

Can I do an internship during the school year?

No, PACCE Engagement Internships are for summer only.  There is a course requirement as well.

The business I’m hoping to intern for isn’t a non-profit. Can they still be considered for a PACCE-funded internship?

No, only non-profit organizations are eligible for PACCE funding.

Do I have to take a class to qualify for the internship?

Yes, an internship course is a requirement for PACCE funding.  This needs to be a summer internship course.

How do I find an internship opportunity?

The best way is to check with your department or the Career Center for internship opportunities.  PACCE is a means for the student to be paid if an employer does not have the financial capacity to pay an intern.

How do I get a PO number for my internship employer?

Your employer will be sent a PO number after the start of the new fiscal year (July 1).  It is sent to them from our Purchasing Office at UW-Platteville.  

How many hours do I have to work for the internship to count?

The total number of hours varies depending on the internship course requirements from your respective department.  PACCE does not dictate this; PACCE is simply the funding source.  The course requirements should be discussed with your advisor or department chair. 

When does the employer get reimbursed for hours I have worked?

The employer may request payment right away.  They need to pay the student for hours worked and then submit an invoice to UW-Platteville’s accounts payable department.  This can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or at the conclusion of the summer employment.

I did a PACCE-funded internship last summer. Can I do another one this year?

Students are eligible for one PACCE-funded internship during their academic career at UW-Platteville.

When I have completed the hours for my approved internship, am I able to keep working for my employer?

Yes, you are able to keep working for your employer, but the funding from PACCE will end.  You will have to work with the employer to see if they are able to pay you or if it will be volunteer hours from that point on.

Where do I find the forms for a PACCE internship?

Click here for the internship application.

Is there a maximum payout for a PACCE-funded internship?

The maximum payout is $4,800.  The maximum pay rate is $10.00 per hour.  The employer is also responsible for the employer share of payroll tax (approximately $370 for a full $4,800 internship).  This amount is not reimbursed.

If I have a potential PACCE internship opportunity, but the employer will not pay for the taxes, can the student pay the employer share of the taxes?

No, it is a federal law that the employer share of taxes must be paid by the employer.

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