Rules and Regulation

NOTICE: Anyone not obeying the rules and regulations of the Pioneer Activity Center will be asked to leave the facility and may receive a two week suspension. Flagrant or repeated offenses may result in a longer suspension of facility privileges or a  permanent ban from the facility.


  1. Membership to the PAC is open to university faculty and staff, general public, and part-time students (less than twelve credits). Students who are carrying more than eleven credits receive membership through payment of their segregated fees.  Membership may be terminated once a member no longer fulfills one or more of the requirements.
  2. All members use the facility at their own risk. They accept full responsibility for any injury that results from participation in the use of the PAC.
  3. Members are responsible for their own property. The PAC is not responsible for loss, theft or damage. Members accept full responsibility for any injury that results from participation in the use of the PAC.
  4. Damage to PAC property shall be paid for by any member who causes such damage.  University disciplinary action and/or prosecution may occur.
  5. Before a member exercises, he/she must register at the control room window with their membership card.
  6. Members are required to dress appropriately for the activity that they are participating in. See specific activity rule sheets for details. All members must wear clean, dry footwear into the activity center. From November 15 to April 15  only dry shoes, that aren’t worn outside, are permitted in the facility.
  7. No gum, food and/or beverage (except water) may be brought into the PAC.
  8. Members are not permitted to use the control room telephone except in an emergency.
  9. Members are not allowed in the control room.
  10. The PAC is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking and/or chewing are not allowed.
  11. All members agree to follow the proper instructions for use of any PAC equipment.  These instructions include both written materials and verbal instructions of the PAC Staff.
  12. Membership fees are not refundable.
  13. Members are expected to treat all persons in the PAC with respect and courtesy.
  14. Any member may be expelled by the PAC Staff for violation of any rule or regulation.
  15. The PAC is off limits to any person under the age of 12 (Exception: Open swim times, Kid’s Night Out, Kid’s Day Policy Dates/Hours, Athletic Events). Single memberships are available only to those age 18 and older. Family members between the ages of 12 and 17 must be under the direct supervision of their own parent when using the facility. Strength facility use is limited to members of high school age and older (entering ninth grade). When parents/designated guardians bring children under the age of 18 into the PAC facility, they will be required to sign a parent/designated guardian location form at the PAC check in point (Control Room).  The Parent Location Form indicates the specific PAC area (racquetball courts, weight room, track, volleyball courts, pool) where the parent/designated guardian can be reached. ALL ATHLETIC EVENTS ARE EXCLUDED. (Parent/designated guardian must always supervise/accompany individuals under the age 18 while they are in the pool.)
  16. Members must be 18 years of age or older to receive their own PAC card and to use the facility on their own.
  17. Members who are under the age of 18 must have a parent in the facility with them when using the PAC.
  18. Members must be 12 years of age or older to use the Multi Area, Track, and Racquetball Courts.
  19. Members must be a freshman in high school or older to use the Weight/CardioRoom.


To avoid excessive wear and tear on the track surface and to help prevent stress injuries, such as shin splints, the following rules will be employed:

  1. Runners and joggers will use lanes 3 and 4, with the slower runners staying to the outside.
  2. Recreational walkers will use lanes 5 and 6, with the slower walkers staying to the outside.
  3. Runners and walkers using the track will do so in an alternate direction basis. See sign inside the entrance to the track for directions.
  4. Proper athletic footwear is required - shoes designed specifically for running and/or walking are required for use on the track to aid in the surface maintenance.
  5. Personal items (bags, sweats, etc.) are not to be brought into the multi-purpose area - use the shelves located outside the racquetball courts or locker room lockers (PAC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.)
  6. Practice proper etiquette - no profanity or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated.

Basketball/volleyball court rules and regulations

  1. Proper attire is required. No marking, black soled shoes or track shoes are allowed. Light soled court shoes, athletic shorts, or sweat pants (no cut-off jeans or street shoes) constitute acceptable attire.
  2. Excessively rough and/or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. Kicking or throwing of balls or other objects not required by the approved activities is prohibited.
  4. Profanity will not be tolerated.
  5. Dunking is not allowed. A two (2) week suspension from the PAC facility will occur for those caught dunking.

Weight Room/Cardio Room/Strength facility rules and regulations

  1. Appropriate dress is required (soft soled athletic shoes, a minimum of a seamed sleeveless shirt, athletic shorts, sweats or tights are required). Sandals, street shoes, pants with snaps and/or zippers or shirts that leave large areas of skin exposed will not be permitted (ie tank tops, cut-offs, sports bras).
  2. Take care of equipment - remove weights from bars and machines after use, clean sweat off benches and machines after use, report any broken equipment to supervisor on duty.
  3. Practice proper etiquette - be courteous and helpful to fellow lifters - no profanity or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated.
  4. Chalk or other powdered substance used to dry hands will not be allowed - gloves, wraps, etc., are recommended to keep hands from slipping.
  5. Jackets, book bags, duffle bags, etc., will not be permitted in the weight room except to be placed in the cubbies. Use the locker rooms or pegs near the weight room to store clothes, etc.  (PAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.)
  6. Electronic Device Policy:  Cell phones/iPods/MP3 players and all other electronic devices can be used for music or timing only.  All sounds must be on silent. Earbuds/headphones must be used at all times. No videos or pictures can be taken at any time with any device. No Facetime, Snapchat or any other such programs can be used at any time. No texting or phone calls. iPads and Tablets may be used to read and watch movies in the cardio area only. To take a call or text please go outside the Fitness Center.  We ask that all patrons abide by this policy and report any policy abuse or suspicious behavior to a PAC staff member or Director of Recreational Sports and Facilities.  Failure to abide by this policy will result in an immediate suspension of facility use. Continued failure to abide by this policy may lead to a two week or permanent suspension of membership privileges (depending on the type of offense) along with prosecution under the full extent of the law.

Pool rules and regulations

  1. Only swim suits are allowed in the pool and on the pool deck.
  2. No street clothes are allowed in the pool area.
  3. Shower completely before entering the swimming pool and after use of the toilet facilities.
  4. Persons with infections, communicable diseases, or open cuts will not be permitted in the pool.
  5. No rude or obnoxious behavior in pool or pool deck.
  6. No snorkels, swim fins, or diving tanks allowed in pool.
  7. LAP SWIM time is used by individuals who can swim complete laps. It is permissible for swimmers to occasionally rest at the end of a lane between laps, however it is not advisable to stop in the middle of a lane. There is no age requirement to participate in lap swim, just the ability to swim complete laps. Individuals under the age of 18, who swim during this time, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. (Exception PHS/LHS swim team family memberships).
  8. OPEN SWIM time is for individuals as well as families who want to enjoy spending time in the pool. Waling, jogging, rehabbing, floating, learning how to swim, etc. are allowed during this time.  Any form of lap swimming is not allowed during this time.  However, younger, less experienced swimmers who are unable to swim complete laps can use this time to work on those skills and stamina.
  9. Anyone not obeying the swim time rules and regulations will be asked to leave the facilities and may receive a two week suspension. Flagrant or repeated offenses may result in a longer suspension or permanent ban from the facilities.

Racquetball and tennis court rules

Tennis and racquetball courts can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance, or on Friday for Monday use by calling 342.1577. Court times are reserved in one hour blocks. There is no charge for full-time students, all other members will pay $4.00 per hour.

If a court is reserved, the court fee will be charged whether the court is used or not, unless the reservation is canceled at least one hour in advance. Full-time students who do not cancel at least one hour in advance will not be allowed to reserve court time for a one week period following their missed reservation.

  1. Court fees must be paid before playing
  2. Courts not reserved will be available on a walk in basis with regular court fees applying.
  3. Appropriate dress is required - light soled court shoes, full T-shirts or sweatshirts, athletic shorts or sweat pants are required.
  4. Protective eyewear is required for racquetball.
  5. No running shoes allowed on playing courts.
  6. Leave the court at the end of the scheduled time.
  7. Personal items (i.e. sweats, bags, etc.) must be left in the shelves provided outside the racquetball courts or in locker room lockers. (PAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.)

Equipment Rental

Racquetball racquets, protective eye wear, and tennis racquets will be available to all members and students on a rental basis. The cost will be $1.00 per hour.

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