Be a leader of environmental, social, and economic sustainability

At the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, you have the opportunity to make the community and the future more sustainable through the actions you take. Sustainability isn’t just a component of UW-Platteville’s academics, it’s interwoven across campus operations and our culture. In this way, we inspire and motivate our community to be sustainable.

New for Fall 2020: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Conservation

UW-Platteville’s Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Conservation will provide you with a transdisciplinary and dynamic scientific curriculum that will prepare you to address complex environmental issues.

Related Programs

The following academic programs place a strong emphasis on sustainability principles, including concepts that deal with systemic thinking, envisioning a better future, critical thinking and reflection, and participation and partnerships for transformative change.


Study life in all its forms and wherever it may be found with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design, build, and maintain modern society’s critical systems and structures such as roads, bridges, and sewer/water systems.

Environmental Engineering

As an environmental engineer, you’ll use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to help reduce waste and pollution, and help improve environmental conditions through remediation.


The entrepreneurship minor will help you examine the technical aspects of your product and how to commercialize it.

Environmental Horticulture

If you enjoy helping plants grow, thrive, and change landscapes, a degree in environmental horticulture may be your ideal choice.


Explore the physical earth and how the interaction between people and the environment shapes our world, perceptions, and lives.

Reclamation, Environment, and Conservation

The reclamation, environment, and conservation program at UW-Platteville prepares you to restore and manage degraded habitats and ecosystems.

Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems

The study of sustainability and renewable energy systems addresses the concerns of world resources, including energy and renewable energy, and their social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Social and Environmental Justice

Commit to addressing the world’s major challenges of poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, war, slavery, and human and environmental degradation with the social and environmental justice program at UW-Platteville.