Course Rotation


1130 General Psychology Every semester, plus summer
2010 Careers in Counseling and Human Services Spring only
2030 Psychology of Personal Adjustment Not offered at this time
2230 Intro to Experimental Psychology Every semester, occasional summer
2530 Psychology of Women Every semester, occasional summer
2930 Human Behavior in Social Environment (new, F12) Fall only
3000 Cognitive Psychology At least every 3rd semester (F18)
3030 Learning and Behavior Fall only
3130 Child Psychology Every semester, occasional summer
3230 Adolescent Psychology Every semester, occasional summer
3430 Physiological Psychology Spring only
3530 Social Psychology Every semester
3630 Psychology of Human Sexuality Every semester, occasional summer
3830 Psychology and Religion Not offered at this time
3960 Behavioral Research I (3cr.) Every semester
3970 Behavioral Research II (3cr.) Every semester
3990 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging At least every two years  (F18)
4020 Contemporary Issues in Psychology Occasionally
4030 Theories of Personality Not offered at this time
4330 History and Systems of Psychology Spring semester, occasional Fall
4430 Abnormal Psychology Every semester
4660 Cooperative Field Experience Every semester, plus summer
4730 Supervised Independent Study Every semester, plus summer
4830 Psychology and the Law At least every two years (F19)
4840 Substance Abuse I: Theory, Assessment and Interv Fall only
4850 Substance Abuse II: Intervention and Special Pop Spring only
4930 Techniques of Counseling Every semester
4940 Advanced Techniques of Counseling and Psychother At least every third semester (S19)
4950 Social Work Practice with Groups and Families Spring only

Revised November, 2017

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