Should I take Elementary Statistics (MATH 1830) before Introduction to Experimental Psychology (PSYCH 2230)?

Yes, if at all possible. It is highly recommended that you have some basic knowledge of statistics before taking PSYCH 2230, and it will aid your performance in this course.

Do I need to have a minor or an emphasis?

Neither a minor nor an emphasis is required to graduate with a psychology major.

Is it practical to double major?

Yes. It is ordinarily not a problem to have a first major in psychology and a second major in another discipline.

How does advising work for psychology majors?

You are assigned an advisor (although you can ask for a specific advisor or request a change of advisor) when you declare the psychology major. When the course schedules for the upcoming semester are available, create a tentative schedule for yourself using PASS. Sign up for an advising appointment with your advisor. Sign up sheets will be posted on your advisor's office door.  Time your appointment such that it occurs shortly before the date of your registration. You can determine your registration date on PASS. Bring your proposed schedule and a list of questions to ask your advisor. The advisor must give you a PIN number before you can register. All faculty are available for career advising, but only the academic advisor may give you your PIN number.

How do I get information about internships (Cooperative Field Experience)?

See the Cooperative Field Experience (CFE) web page, the CFE supervisors (Dr. Gates and Dr. Parsons), or the CFE bulletin board. Obtain a packet of CFE information in the department office. You may also consult the university Career Center for information about internships.

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