New Student FAQ

ResNet is the computer support for the residents in the residence halls on the UW-Platteville campus. ResNet provides paid services such as Virus/Spyware removal, Operating System Reinstall, and backup services. Our other services like day-to-day troubleshooting of network connections, printing issues, performance issues…etc for your personal computers are at no cost.

ResNet also does sell network (ethernet) cables during the move-in weekend and throughout the year in case you need a cable to connect your computer to the wired network in your residence hall room. The campus does offer wireless as well, but depending on your building, it might not be full coverage. Each room does have enough network jacks per student and students are allowed to bring in their own wireless access point at this time. As more and more residence halls go full wireless, this policy might change.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 608.342.1990 or or stop down to your office at 122 Royce Hall right next to the Residence Life Office.

Where can I find software deals?

You can purchase the discounted software(s) at the following site: Wisconsin Intergrated Software Catalog

Will (MY HALL) have full wireless?

As of Summer 2016, all residence halls on campus have full wireless coverage.

Mac vs. PC?

It all comes down to personal preference, some programs may not be available on Mac for some majors, but the programs will be available on the lab computers, and are often not something you’d buy anyway, due to the price.

What would you recommend for a laptop for an Engineer?

It’s all personal preference. Most engineering programs are demanding, however, they are also quite expensive, and most students use the labs to use these programs, the computer that you would be using would be mostly for write-ups and personal use.

Do I need a router?

If you require a wireless connection, or simply prefer one, then unless you live in a hall with full wireless, yes, a router is required. However, there are wired ports on each half of the room, so unless you need wireless, you don’t need a router. You would also need one if you have more than one wireless device in the room (gaming console, Ipad, etc.)

Where can I get a laptop lock?

Laptop locks can be purchased anywhere computers or computer accessories can be found.

Any particular brand of Laptop/Desktop?

There isn’t one company that we recommend over another. As long as the computer meets our minimum configurations, we will support the computer.

Can I bring a router?

Yes, however, ResNet has them placed in Level 3 Support; we allow them but do not support them. If you bring one, you must set it up yourself and troubleshoot it yourself.

What type of software is required for (major)?

Within the first week or two of class your professors should let you know what programs you will be using for that class. However, most/all of our labs in the academic buildings already provides this software for you to use. Most students usually use the lab time or their personal time to work on their labs/projects in these lab rooms and use their personal laptop to type up the report.

What are the recommended general PC Specifications?

We recommend that students get PCs that are about Mid-range, not the lowest specs, but the highest isn’t required either.

Are Ethernet cables provided?

No they are not, however, during move-in weekend the ResNet staff will be in the residence halls selling 10ft Ethernet cables for $5.00 and helping with general set up. We continue to sell them throughout the school year in our office located in 122 Royce Hall.

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