Admission Requirements

To apply for admission, teacher candidates will complete and submit an application for Admission to the School of Education (SoE) during their freshman or sophomore year while completing TCHG 1230 Introduction to Education or HHP 2320 Introduction to Physical Education and Health Promotion at UW-Platteville. Students will not be officially admitted to the School of Education until all of the requirements below have been met and the signed Admissions Requirement form is received in our office. 

The School of Education office recommends that all students be admitted to the SoE by the third semester or first semester of their sophomore year.  

Transfer students should apply for admission to the SoE during their first semester on campus, but they will not be eligible for admission until they have earned at least 15 credits at UW-Platteville and have completed the other admission requirements.

The SoE has identified courses that may be taken only by teacher candidates who have been admitted to the SoE. This restricted course list for Health and Human Performance courses and School of Education courses are attached. 

To be eligible for admission, teacher candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1.  Successfully complete the basic skills test, Praxis Core. Teacher candidates should take the Core during their first year at UW-Platteville.
    The passing scores for the Praxis Core are:
    • Reading (#5712) 156
    • Writing (#5722) 162
    • Mathematics (#5732) 150

    If a student has passed one or two sections on the PPST or Praxis I, repeat the remaining test using the Praxis Core.  You do not need to repeat all of the tests.

    Or effective 9/1/2013, ACT, SAT or GRE scores can be used in lieu of Praxis I or Praxis Core.  Scores presented for the purposes of admission into the SoE must be the result of exams taken within the last 10 years.

    • ACT Plus Writing: Composite score of at least 22 and a Combined English/Writing score of at least 20
    • ACT Test: Composite score of at least 23 with minimum sub-scores of 20 on English, 20 on Mathematics, and 20 on Reading
    • SAT: Minimum sub-scores of 520 on Mathematics, 510 on Reading, and 480 on Writing
    • GRE Current Scale (August 1, 2011 to present): Minimum sub-scores of 145 on Quantitative Reasoning, 150 on Verbal Reasoning, and 3 on Analytical Writing.
    • GRE Old Scale (Prior to August 1, 2011) Minimum sub-scores of 540 on Quantitative Reasoning, 450 on Verbal Reasoning, and 3 on Analytical Writing.
  2.  Earn grades of "C-" or better in the following 5 courses:
    1130 College Writing I
    1230 College Writing II
    2010 Speech Comm for Teachers (strongly recommended) or 1010 Public Speaking (acceptable)
    1230 Intro to Ed or 2320 Intro to PE
    2010 Educational Media Theory (or applicable substitute)
  3. Have earned 40 semester credits in an accredited college of which 15 credits have been earned at UW-Platteville.
  4. Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.650 or better.
  5. Prepare an admission portfolio during TCHG 1230 Intro to Education or HHP 2320.

Admissions are processed on the first of the month following completion of all requirements. Teacher candidates who have met all requirements will be notified of their admission through an email from the SoE.

Admission to Student Teaching 

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