Geography Minor

Geography Students

The geography minor is designed to offer broad training in physical and human geography content and techniques giving students diverse knowledge applicable to a wide range of careers. Students will explore the human and natural world through classroom, laboratory, and field experiences. This minor offers important skills for careers in planning, travel-tourism, teaching, criminal justice, agriculture, natural resource management, and international affairs.

Student learning outcomes

  1. Recognize the unique subject and methods of geography
  2. Understand the processes and patterns of the physical world and how human actions impact and interact with natural systems
  3. Develop a perspective that allows them to understand spatial variation and diversity on global, regional, and local scales
  4. Be able to use geographical concepts in contributing to the solution of societal and environmental problems

Required Core Courses:

A geography minor requires 24 total credits including:

  • One course from physical geography focus ...4 cr
  • One course from human geography focus .....3 cr
  • Additional geography courses ...................17 cr

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