If a student drops a course, textbooks must be returned immediately, even if the course is to be retaken the following semester, as another student in the class may not have a book. If a textbook is ordered to cover the shortage of books needed for a class, the student dropping the course and not returning the book within two (2) days of the drop will be charged the NON-REFUNDABLE full replacement cost of the book plus a $5 Processing Fee.

Textbooks must be returned at time of withdrawal from all classes.  If textbooks are not returned upon withdrawal, the price of the books are immediately billed to student accounts upon notification of the withdrawal from the Registrar's Office.  Failure to return all books upon withdrawal could affect any refund given.

Late Penalties

Books not returned by the published due date are subject to late penalties. Immediately following the published due date for book return, student accounts receivable records are updated to include the full cost of books not returned. If the student returns the books the first week past the due date, the student is fined $3 per book ($5 if assessed on PASS account). If the fine is not paid at time of return and must be billed, the fine is $5 per book ($7 if assessed on PASS account). The second week after the due date, the fine is $5 per book ($7 if assessed on PASS account). Upon payment of the fine, the student's accounts receivable record is cleared. After the second week, books may not be returned. Books checked out for the Winterim session have the $3 per book and $5 per book late fees assessed over a one-week period only (See Policies and Procedures for Winterim 2018).

The dates shown on the Textbook Center Policies form published each session and signed by students at time of book pickup govern the late fee schedule and take precedence over other published information regarding the return of properties to the Textbook Center.

Having an Incomplete or an Independent Study? Special arrangements should be made at the Textbook Center for books needed past the due date. It is the student's responsibility, not the instructor's, to advise the Textbook Center about books needed beyond the due date.

Late penalties may be waived at the discretion of the Textbook Center manager (illness, death in the family, and military commitments).


Students will be charged a $3.00 per book restock fee for books that are mis-shelved.

Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Books

Students are responsible for books checked out to them and will be billed for damaged, lost, or stolen books. This includes other items such as computer diskettes, cassettes, etc. that come with the books.

When books have been lost or stolen, the student pays the full price of the book—if not purchased before Finals Week. If items that come with the books (diskettes, cassettes, CD's, etc.) are lost or stolen, the student also pays the full cost of the book as these items usually cannot be purchased separately.

Students returning books in damaged condition, excluding normal wear, will be billed. The student pays a minimum penalty of $5. As the amount of damage increases, the penalty increases at the discretion of the Textbook Center manager. The penalty is based on the estimated time to repair the book. If the damage is extensive, the full price of the book is charged. A Damage Fee of $5 per book will be assessed for tampering with or removal of the Textbook Center's bar code label.

Damages include, but are not limited to: liquid (rain, snow, coffee, juice, etc.), fire (scorched), chemical spills, teeth marks (rodents, pets, children, etc.). It is STRONGLY recommended NOT to place water bottles and fruit in backpacks. Doing so could cause damage to books. If liquid damage happens, the entire cost of the damaged books will be due.

Replacement books (correct ISBN, title, author, edition required) will be accepted in lieu of any damaged book(s). If students wish to purchase a replacement book, they will owe a $5 per book re-processing fee. Replacement book(s) must be in good condition (as judged by the Textbook Center). They may not be shipped directly from the place of purchase to the Textbook Center. Replacement books are due by the last day of the late fee period.

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