Book Pickup


Pioneer Passport ID Card Required

When students are ready to pick up textbooks, they present a current Pioneer Passport Student I.D. card to Textbook Center staff. The card is scanned, and two copies of the book list are automatically generated for the student based on the Registrar's records.

Students are then required to sign the Textbook Center's Policies and Procedures form, printed on the reverse side of the printed book list, and give the signed copy to Textbook Center staff.

They then proceed to the shelves to pick up books. Books are presented to the Textbook Center clerk for checkout.  BEFORE LEAVING the Textbook Center,  books should be checked for damages. If there is a problem, the clerk should be advised at the time of checkout so the book can be stamped and marked accordingly. (See section on Penalties for damage to books.)

If any text appears to be in short supply, the Textbook Center manager checks the registration records to ascertain if there will be enough copies of the text. If it is apparent that the text is in short supply, the Textbook Center will remove two textbooks and put them on reserve in Karrmann Library. This will allow students the use of a textbook until additional books are received.

During the first three weeks of classes, students are allowed to check out only those books designated for their registered classes. This ensures that all students are given a chance to pick up assigned books. After the first three weeks of classes, students may check out any other available books.

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