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About Us

Student Senate is a Student Governance Organization that acts as a medium for students to voice their concerns and opinions. We write, recommend, and review policies directly impacting students.

The Senate is comprised of student senators who are elected to their seats. Senators have the opportunity to join internal and external committees. These committees allow our senators to work with faculty, staff, and student leaders in fields such as inclusion and diversity, student involvement and retention, or campus technology. Through these committees our senators are giving faculty and staff students’ perspective on issues and projects that directly affect you! Furthermore, our senators vote on important resolutions and recommendations that go directly to Chancellor Shields for implementation.

As a Student Senator your voice carries the weight of your peers, and with that comes immense responsibility and power. The ability to impact your constituents’ experiences via policy and legislation is unrivaled at The University of Wisconsin-Platteville. We invite you to take up the mantle of Student Senator and begin creating a better Pioneer experience.

Senator Duties

Resolutions and Voting
Any student senator can write a resolution and present it before the senate for a vote.

External Committee Work
These committee range in meeting occurrences. They can be faculty, student, or staff lead and cover a wide variety of topics. However, all need student representation and students’ voice!

Internal Committee Work
Internal Committees are chaired by Student Senate Executive Board members. These committees meet twice a month. Senators choose a minimum of two committees to be a part of.

Academic Affairs Committee
Reviews and recommend educational policy at UW-Platteville.

Internal Affairs Committee
Reviews the Constitution, Bylaws, and resolutions on a procedural basis for eventual presentation to Senate.

Inclusive and Diversity Committee
Reviews, recommends, and assists in the developing of policies that impact campus diversity.

Legislative Affairs Committee
Promotes and seeks legislation on the local, state, and national levels of government to improve the quality of life of students at UW-Platteville.

Student Organizations Committee
Makes recommendations to Student Senate regarding approval of new student organizations.

Marketing Committee
Assist in the creation of marketing and outreach materials and actively seek and promote student engagement.

Student Body President
Student Body Vice President
Chief of Staff

Executive Board
Director of Finance
Director of Legislation
Director of Student Organizations
Director of Inclusion and Diversity
Director of Marketing and Engagement 

Ex Officio Members:
Administrative Liaison

Dean of Students Sherry Nevins

Faculty Liaison

Professor Benjamin Collins
Phone: 608.342.1746

Student Senate Advisor

Dr. Lisa Kratz
Phone: 608.342.1895

To Apply
To apply, please fill out a Student Senate Nomination Form that can be found in our office in the Pioneer Involvement Center. Your nomination packet will contain general information about yourself and an autobiographical statement. You can return your application to The Pioneer Involvement Center’s front desk and they will ensure it makes its way to our Chief of Staff.


Disability Accommodations
To request disability accommodations please contact us via email at or via phone 608.342.1495

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